Utilize Your Growing Network

It is wise to establish a database or a spreadsheet with key information about every person in your immediate network so that you can easily filter searches or glean the specific information you need when you want to promote a new product or service that you believe they or someone they know may be interested in. Maybe you would like to offer enrichment training, or host a special monthly meeting inviting a guest speaker to speak on a relevant topic for most business owners such as organization, changes in business tax laws or ways to increase profits through marketing. Others will appreciate the time spend on their behalf and your efforts will continue to ensure that you are valuing their business as well as being valued for yours.

Another great networking tool is to establish a breakfast club. While that may seem even more difficult than you imagined, can you really build your own  club?  Yes!

You don’t get just a name or referral with properly conducted breakfast clubs. You get a presold prospect asking to use your services. Imagine a presold prospect calling you up and saying “I’d like to use your payroll services.”

Now, it would be easy for the president of the local Chamber of Commerce to put together a successful breakfast club. Unfortunately, most of us can’t duplicate that.

Your Objective

You want to build a breakfast club of entrepreneurs and small business owners. Because it’s one of the easiest and best ways to build your business.

Each member of the breakfast club will gladly presell and send you qualified prospects for your service. Instead of looking for cold prospects,  you’ll spend your time giving presentations to presold prospects who can’t wait to get started with your service.

And the best part is that you will never have to worry about rejection or embarrassment. These presold prospects want to use your services. All you have to do is fill in a few details.

But why will my  breakfast club members send me these hot, presold prospects? First, because they know you. Prospects only buy from people they know. Your breakfast club members will presell you, your background and your opportunity to these prospects.

Second, your prospects will instantly like you. Prospects only buy from people they like. Your breakfast club members presell prospects on what a wonderful, likable person you are.

Third, your prospects will trust you. You don’t buy from people you distrust, do you? Your breakfast club members’ high recommendation of you will give prospects instant trust in you. If prospects don’t trust you, they won’t use you.

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