Ultimate Beginner’s Guide For Raid Video Game

Each champion is able to attain mastery. These can be obtained by spending skill stones, which can then be farmed at the minotaur-dungeon. One champion will randomly be selected to receive mastery scrolls after each run of minotaur.

Each Champion can get 100 basic scrolls and 600 advanced scrolls. You won’t be able to receive the divine scrolls until all of your advanced scrolls have been received.

You can’t get more than the number of scrolls you need to purchase all your masteries. Once a champion has all their mastery scrolls (and doesn’t matter whether you have spent them or stored them; the total is what you can receive), they won’t be able to receive any scrolls. The scrolls will then be given to the champions of your team.

Your first trek to obtain masteries will be long because your 5 champions will each receive them at approximately the same pace. However, once 4 champions are maxed out, the 5th champion will receive all mastery scrolls that drop. This allows you to train new empyrean rule champions faster.

Two of the three branches can be masters: Defense, Offense, and Support. The third tree is locked once you have mastered two trees. Two-tier 1 masteries are possible, three of the tiers 2-5 and one tier 6.

Mastery Guide for Beginning Students

Farming Masteries

Mastery scrolls are available for champions in the minotaur-dungeon. Mastery scrolls can be used to purchase masteries. You can grow basic masteries at any time. These masteries can be obtained quickly even at the lowest levels of the minotaurdungeon. You can get Tier 1 and Tier 2 masteries at any point you like, as they offer a slight power boost but not too difficult.

As you advance, mastery becomes exponentially more difficult. Each level requires more scrolls to progress, with the minotaur dropping fewer advanced scrolls than basic and fewer divine scrolls than advanced.

Each tier of mastery comes at a cost:

  • Tier 1: 5 basic Scrolls
  • Tier 2: 30 basic Scrolls
  • Tier 3: 80 advanced scrolls
  • Tier 4: 120 advanced scrolls
  • Tier 5: 200 divine scrolls
  • Tier 6: 350 divine scrolls

Level 15 Minotaur (minotaurs are often referred by abbreviations and numbers indicating the stage. So for example, “mino 15” might be used in chat to refer to dungeons). This level can give you 24-32 basic scrolls or 11-16 advanced scrolls. Or 6-12 divine scrolls. It is quite difficult to accumulate 950 divine scrolls 6-12 at once.

How to master your first team

Since stage 11 is the first stage where you can drop divine scrolls, it is impossible to master your masteries. These are the energy and time requirements to master five champions. They can be completed in 3 minutes. There will be energy fluctuations based on luck and how many scrolls you have dropped.

  • Stage 11: 2060-5545 runs. 24720 – 666540 energy. 103-277.25 hours.
  • Stage 12: 1550-3010 runs. 21700 – 42140 Energy. 77.5 – 150.5 Hours.
  • Stage 13: 1225 to 1990 runs, 17150-27860 energy. Stage 61.25 to 99.5 hours.
  • Stage 14: 765-1310 runs, 10710-18340 energy, 38.25- 65.5 hours
  • Stage 15: 610 to 1095 runs; 8540 – 15330 energy; 30.5 – 54.75 hours.

The new numbers show that farming at stage 13 is slightly quicker than the previous 14. It should still be possible to farm, even though later stages are more difficult. It is possible to farm at stage 12, if you are determined to invest a lot of time and energy.

If you are willing to work hard, these masteries are yours. Here are my thoughts. Masteries are unlocked in a specific order. If you purchase a mastery, you will be able to unlock the mastery immediately beside it (if there are more masteries at that tier), and the mastery below it or either side of it. If you have chosen Keen Strike as your tier 2 offense mastery, you can buy Single Out, Life Drinker and Whirlwind Of Death in Tier 3. However, Ruthless Ambush is not available. You will need to take Shieldbreaker and Grim Resolve in Tier 2, or Whirlwind Of Death in Tier 3, to obtain Ruthless Ambush. Sometimes, you may need to take suboptimal mastery at a higher level to be able to gain a better one at a lower tier.

Resetting your masteries is free for the first time, but it will cost you 150 gems each time. Try to do it the right way the first time, or at least twice.

Offense Tree

Tier 1:

Blade Disciple+75 Attack. This mastery is usually outclassed and can only be used against champs with guaranteed criticals or who require pure attack value (a bomb-placing champion, for instance). This is a rare use.

Critical Rate: Deadly Precision. This mastery will be applied to 99% of champions who use the offense tree. The attack stat is available to everyone, but not all. Most of those who use it will still get it. This is because even if you don’t have any critical rate gear or critical damage gear, mastery combined with Keen Strike in Tier 2 gives you a 3% increase in damage. This generally means that it will outperform Blade Disciple if the champion is more powerful than 2500 attack power. Most attack-focused champions will have this ability.

Tier 2:

Heart of Glory +5% damage when attacking full health This mastery is only useful for arena champions in order to increase their initial burst or increase their chances of landing one-shots. It’s not useful in prolonged battles unless the champion is able to sustain full health through healing or any other means.

Keen strike:+10% damage. It is the best tier 2 mastery of offense for any build. It also comes with a decent rate of crit. This is a significant damage boost.

Shieldbreaker: +25% to targets with [Shield] buff. This is a common arena-based skill, since shields are quite common in the area. High-tier arena teams will only have one member in the Shield Set. This skill is very useful in arena situations but it’s less common outside of the arena where shields are more common. However, it is useful against the Magic Keep Dungeon.

Grim Resolution: +5% damage when attacking using 50% HP or less. This mastery is more effective in long battles and synergizes well to life steal. It increases your damage when your HP drops below 50%, which in turn increases your healing.

Tier 3:

One Out: Increases damage to targets with less that 40% HP by 8%. Clan bosses will have great mastery as they will not spend much time below 40%.

Life Drinker:Heals 5% of the damage inflicted by attacking with less than 50% HP. This mastery does not provide much extra HP, but it is useful for clan bosses. Highly recommended.

The Whirlwind of Death:Increases speed 6 for every enemy you kill, stacks across rounds, and reaches a maximum speed of 18 speed. It is good in arena, can be used by solo farmers in campaign, but not in dungeons. It is useless for clan bosses. Use it accordingly.

Ruthless ambush: Increases the damage inflicted to each enemy by 8% after their first hit. This mastery, just like Heart of Glory is best used to increase your starting burst.

Tier 4:

Bring it Down: Increases the damage inflicted to targets with greater max HP by 6% It’s essential for clan bosses and dungeons where bosses have greater HP than you. This gives you a 6% boost in damage. It’s also useful for most squishy damage suppliers to help break down tanky champions.

Wrath of the Slain – increases damage up to 10% for every dead ally. It is a good idea to have solo campaign farmers and tanky champions who will outlast your clan boss team.

The Cycle of Violence: There is a 30% chance to decrease the cooldown for a random skill by one turn if the target suffers more than 30% damage. This skill is available once per turn. This skill can be used in arena or for farming campaign. It can be used to increase cooldowns on AoE ability to farm faster. This skill is not very useful for bosses.

Opportunity:Increases damage to targets with [Stun],[Sleep] or [Freeze] debuffs, by 12% This is an arena-only effect. These effects are not available to bosses. This is true even in arena. You should only accept it if there are other members of your team who could easily inflict some status effects.

Tier 5:

The method increases the damage this Champion’s default skill does by 2% every time it is used in battle. Stacks up to 10% across all rounds of a battle. This skill is great for those who use their default skill often. This skill is great in clan boss fights, as the fights last long enough for it to do maximum damage. It’s also great for solo farmers such as relickeeper, who can just keep increasing their farmability and make farming more simple. You will not be able to use basic attacks as often in arena.

Kill Streak Increases damage by 6% in arena, and 3% at all other locations, for every enemy killed by this Champion during Battle. Stacks up to 12% across all rounds. It is only useful for campaign and arena farming, but it can be used in both. You can use it to help your farmers farm. In arena, you can put it on the champion who is most likely to win the kill to help them carry.

Blood Shield Gives a [Shield] buff to this Champion for 1 turn after the Champion kills an opponent. The [Shield]’s value is equal to 15% the Champion’s MAXHP. This effect occurs once per turn. This is similar to Kill Streak and is used primarily for arena and farming.

Fury: Increases damage by 4% for every debuff given to this Champion. Stacks upto 12% It is most commonly used in arena. However, it is often used in clan boss builds. This is mainly because it can lead to Giant Slayer. Blood Shield, Kill Streak, and Blood Shield are ineffective on Clan Boss. Every Clan boss has a debuff he can apply, so it’s at least a 4% increase in damage if one of them affects you.

Tier 6:

Warmaster Attack +200* * CHANGED IN PATCH 1. Bonus damage can be inflicted when an attacker is hit with this ability at 60%. Bonus damage equals 10% of the target Champion’s MAXHP or 4% when attacking Bosses. Bonus damage cannot be done more than once per Skill. Damage calculated based on [Enemy MAXHP]. This is the equivalent to Giant Slayer, but it is only for champions that don’t hit multiple skills at once. This will be discussed in more detail at the end.

Helmsmasher You have a 50% chance of ignoring 25% of your targets DEF. This 15% applies to skills that ignore DEF. Tank-breaking in arena is only limited. It is not a common choice due to inconsistency and the fact that most tanks in arena are still very tanky even after a 25% drop. EDIT: A little buff in the 1.7 patch may make it worth tanking on a tank-buster. However, it is still inconsistent for me.

Giant Killer: has a 30% chance to inflict bonus damage while attacking. Bonus Damage equals 5% of the target’s MAXHP or 2% for the Boss. Bonus damage can be dealt on every hit of a Skill. However, it does not count as an additional hit. Damage calculated based on [Enemy MaxHP]. This mastery will be covered more in my Clan Boss Guide. I’ll also have a section at this guide that is exclusively dedicated to it. Scroll down for more information.

Flawless Execution Critical Damage +20% You are the only one who can master anyone without becoming Giant Slayer.

Defense Tree

One note about the defense tree: Because of Giant Slayer’s offense and support’s accuracy help, and the buff and debuff-extending masteries that are extremely useful, the Defense Tree is not recommended for use on any champions, even those who are defensive. It is not recommended to be used on champions that do not have buffs or debuffs and who are not accurate. Defense champs will often take offense to be able to help their opponents increase their damage or improve their debuffs.

Tier 1:

Tough skin: Defence + 75. This tree is a great choice for defense champs.

Defiant Resistance + 10. This tree is for you if you are not a defense champion.

Tier 2:

Explosive: Reduces AoE damage by 5%. It is useful for Arena as it prevents being bursted out. However, most bosses do AoE damage so it can also be used for PvE.

Enhances the healing and [Shield] buffs that a Champion receives by 5%. This is a good option if you have a shield champion or healer on your team. Self shield and self heals are also covered by this. It doesn’t appear to improve healing from lifesteal. Let me know if you have any information!

Mighty Endurance: Reduces damage received by 10% for Champions who have [Stun],[Sleep], and [Freeze] debuffs. It is a very situational mastery and is often eclipsed by Improved Parry, Blastproof, and Rejuvenation.

Improved parry:Reduces the damage this Champion receives by 8% when this champion is hit with a crucial hit. It’s pretty much only arena, but it is quite good in there since crits tend to be so common.

Tier 3:

Shadow Healing: Heals the Champion by 6% of their MAXHP each time they heal an enemy. This effect occurs once per turn. It is a good idea to have tanky champions face down a heal team. However, it can still be quite situational. There is not much use for PvE.

Resurgent This Champion has a 50% chance of removing 1 random debuff if they lose 25% or more to an enemy skill. This is only useful for PvP and it can be inconsistent.

BloodthirstHeals this champion by 10% of their maxHP when they kill an opponent target. Cooldown: One turn This ability is great for single farmers and in arena for some sustain.

Wisdom in Battle: This Champion has a 30% chance to place a [Block Decuffs] buff for 1 turn, after which [Stun],[Sleep] and [Freeze] debuffs will expire. This is highly inconsistent and very situational and should not be used.

Tier 4:

Solidarity Increases Ally Resist 5 for every buff they receive from this Champion. If your champion has multiple buffs to cast, this is a good mastery.

Relay Death:Reduces damage that a Champion takes from an enemy by 0.75% for every hit. Damage reduction stacks up until 6% per enemy. Tanky champions that can survive long battles are best. To max it out, you need 8 hits. Squishier champions are likely to die before they can get the best out of this mastery.

Harvest Despair There is a 60% chance that you will place a [Leech] buff for 1 turn after placing [Stun],[Sleep] or [Freeze] debuffs. A [Leech] debuff is a debuff that allows any champion to attack the champion with the leech debuff. They will be healed for 10% of their damage. This is a kind of team lifesteal buff that only works against a particular target. If you can place one or more of these buffs, this mastery is very good. These buffs don’t work on bosses so this mastery is arena-only.

Stubbornness Increases RESIST by 10 per champion. Stacks up until 30. Decent at resisting debuff spam but not all that common. Situationally useful for arena.

Tier 5:

Selfless Defender Reduces damage received by an ally from the first enemy to be hit in every round by 20% Instead, this Champion will take the damage. This is a good way for a tanky champion, to reduce some damage to your squishier target. It’s best to not put it on squishy champions as they will explode more quickly.

The Cycle of Revenge: Offers a 50% chance to increase the Turn Meter by 15% if an ally is hit with a critical strike. If an ally gets multiple critical hits from one skill, it will only increase the Turn Meter once. It is useful for arena to speed up slower champions, but it has limited utility outside of arena where critical hits are more rare.

Counterattack:Has 50% chance to counterattack if the Champion loses 25% or more due to a single enemy skill. This skill is the best in the Defense tree and can be used in arena as well as PvE. It’s especially useful if it’s paired with life steal. Get hit, counter-attack, heal back up.

Counterattack: Has a 20% chance of counterattacking an enemy when they apply [Stun],[Sleep], [Freeze] debuffs to an ally. This tier is very situational and it’s probably not worth taking over any of the 3 masteries within this tier.

Tier 6:

Iron Skin: Def + 200. It’s a good thing that a defense champ isn’t taking Giant Slayer.

Bulwark Reduces damage received by allies by 5% Instead, this Champion will take the damage. This pair works well with Selfless Defender to reduce damage to squishy targets.

Fearsome Presence Increases your chance to place a [Stun],[Sleep],[Freeze], or [Provoke] debuff using Skills or Artifacts up to 5% If you have any of these, Arena is a great place to use them. These people have a low chance of being placed so it is worth getting a boost. These don’t apply for bosses so Arena-only.

Unshakeable: Resist + 50. This much resistance is not necessary. Pass.

Support Tree

Tier 1:

Stadfast: Maximum HP + 810. This is a solid mastery but it’s more useful if you have to place debuffs. This is the best choice for debuff-free players.

Pinpoint Accuracy + 10. If you have debuffs to put, this is the default choice.

Tier 2:

Lay on hands:Increases heals that Champion casts by 5% Are you able to heal? This mastery is yours. This mastery does not include continuous healing buffs. The buff is placed, and the BUFF heals them based upon their maximum HP. This does not apply to the champion. Sir Nick will, however, not be able to heal more using this mastery.

Shieldbearer Increases [Shield] buffs this Champion casts to 5% Are you able to use shields? This mastery is yours.

Exalt In Death:Heals the Champion by 10% of their max HP when an enemy is killed each round. It’s Tier 3 defense mastery but it’s even better because you don’t have to strike the fatal blow. It can only be used once per round but is still very useful for farmers and solo players in the arena.

Charged:Increases ACC to 20 for Champions who have no Cooldown skills. This is a great way to get your opening debuff applied and generally worth taking.

Tier 3:

Healing Savior This Champion increases the healing and [Shield] buffs by 10% for all targets with less than 40% HP. Are you able to heal or shield? This mastery is yours.

Rapid response: This Champion has a 30% chance to increase the Turn Meter by 10% if a buff is removed or expired. For buff-based champions, turn meter increases are free. This is a great choice.

Swarm Smasher:Increases the Acc by 4 per enemy. You can stack up to 16. Excellent for arena and decent elsewhere. This is a 4 accuracy freebie even if you are a clan boss. This is a good option if you have debuffs.

Arcane Celerity:Has an 30% chance to increase the Turn Meter’s accuracy by 10% when a Champion casts a debuff. This is a Rapid Response for debuffers and is well worth it if you are more interested in debuffs rather than buffs.

Tier 4:

Merciful aid: This Champion increases the healing and value of [Shield] buffs by 15% if the target allies has [Stun],[Sleep] or [Freeze] debuffs. These debuffs are very rare in PvE, so their use is limited. Only limited use in PvP

The Cycle of Magic has a 5% chance to decrease the cooldown for a random skill by one turn at the beginning of each turn. Although it’s not a great chance, it can prove to be very useful. This can be useful if you have a champion that has a long cooldown and you are using them in long fights such as clan boss.

Lore Of Steel: Increases Set Bonuses for Basic Artifact sets by 15% This is a multiplicative increase, not an additive one. The only problem with this is that the game doesn’t define a Basic Artifact Set. However, it seems to be sets that increase your main stats and don’t have any extra effects. This means: Offense, Life and Defense, Crit Rate, Crit damage, Speed, Resist, Accuracy. This multiplicative bonus is multiplicative. It will, for instance, increase the bonus of an Offense set from 15% to 17.25%. It’s still free stats. It’s a pretty impressive mastery.

Evil eye:Decreases target’s Turn Meter when the Champion hits the target first time using the default skill. The Turn Meter is reduced by 20% for single-target Skills, and by 5% for AoE skills. It’s not a great effect, as you don’t usually want to open with your default skills. This mastery is generally outclassed in Lore of Steel, Cycle of Magic and other magic. It may be useful for specific strategies in the arena or to stop a champion from getting a turn. It is therefore much more useful in arena. It is still outclassed in PvE by Cycle of Magic and Lore of Steel.

Tier 5:

Lasting gifts: has 30% chance to increase the duration of any buff cast. It does not increase [Block Damage],[Unkillable] and [Revive on death] buffs. It is a must-have for buff-based champions. This greatly increases the efficiency and uptime of team buffs. These are the three buffs that can’t be extended.

Spirit Haste Increases SPD by 8. For each deceased ally. You can stack up to 24. Similar to Wrath of the Slain’s offense but with speed. Great for tanky champions who will outlast your team. But also great for Gorgorab, who can get a speed boost and get his AoE back up quickly.

Sniper Increases your chances of placing any debuffs from Skills or Artifacts up to 5% It does not increase your chances of placing [Stun],[Sleep],[Freeze] or[Provoke] debuffs. Mastery of debuffers is a must. Be aware of the debuffs that don’t improve and your champion’s accuracy. They will not benefit from this mastery if they have a 100% chance.

Master Hexer:This Champion has a 30% chance of extending the duration by one turn any debuff cast. It does not prolong [Stun],[Sleep],[Freeze] or[Provoke] debuffs. This mastery is just as important for debuffers as Lasting Giftsfor buffs. These limitations are obvious.

Tier 6:

Elixir for Life:MaxHP + 3000. There are better masteries than just being a decent buff for HP champions.

Timely intervention: Increases the Champions’ Turn Meter to 20% when an ally hero falls below 25% HP. This is great for speeding up healing to save an ally who is weak.

OppressorIncreases Turn Meter fill rate by 2.5% with each active debuff cast. You can stack up to 10% This is essentially a 10% speed boost at maximum. It’s not bad if you spread many debuffs consistently.

Eagle Eye: Acc + 50. This is the best mastery for debuff-focused champions to make sure you are applying them.

Giant Slayer, Warmaster

Giant Slayer, Warmaster and Warmaster are two of the most important masteries within this game. It is what separates the end-game content from the beginning and mid-game. Because it impacts all masteries, each mastery must be weighed against “Why would I get this ability, instead of Giant Slayer and Warmaster?” If you plan to use the champion in dungeons and on Clan Bosss, there is virtually no other tier six mastery that can match or even surpass it.

Let’s get back to the basics:

Giant Killer: Can inflict bonus damage upon attack. Bonus Damage equals 5% of the target’s MAXHP or 2% for the Boss. You can get bonus damage for every hit of a Skill. However, it does not count towards an additional hitDamage that is based on [Enemy MaxHP].

Warmaster Can inflict bonus damage on attacks up to 60%. Bonus damage equals 10% of the target Champion’s MAXHP or 4% when attacking Bosses. Bonus damage cannot be done more than once per Skill. Damage calculated based on [Enemy MAXHP].

On easy, the Clan boss has approximately 30 million HP. 22% is 150,000 damage. However, the Clan Boss has an Infernal Resilience passive that increases damage based upon max HP. This can be used to increase boss’ defense and can be increased with Weaken or Defense Down. Depending on the debuffs that the boss has, Giant Slayer will usually do between 50 and 70k when it triggers. Its chance of activating is PER HIT. This is the BIG deal. A champion such as Athel who hits 3 times has a 30% chance of activating it. A third hit could trigger it three times and do an additional 150-210k damage. Every turn.

You won’t be able to increase your damage above 4-5 million without Warmaster or Giant Slayer. That would be an exceptional team. It will be difficult for most to reach 3 million keys. Your damage can easily be increased by GS or WM up to 400-500%.

Without GS and WM, it is impossible to do enough damage on the clan boss to obtain a chest at higher tiers of difficulty.

High-level bosses have significant HP, so GS and WM are equally effective.

It’s so vital that it will be given to every champion who visits a clan boss. Even if they’re not the best user, because it is unlike any other mastery. End-game teams often include champions like the apothecary who might otherwise be a poor hero. They have a 3-hit A1 as well as a speed buff that allows them to get more attacks.

GS and WM can’t crit and are not affected by attack. Once they have it, people will often dump attack or crit stats to increase their speed and survivability so that they can get as many attacks before dying. These are amplified with Defense Down and Weaken, making them almost essential for maximizing your damage.

Life steal is also triggered by WM and GS. This means that your champion will be healed for 17-18k HP when they trigger. It almost guarantees that a champion with life steal will survive until the Clan Boss has done enough damage to kill them.

GS and WM can have a huge distorting impact on the metagame. Clan Boss, the main focus of end game gearing, is at the moment arena. Arena is not challenging enough to make it difficult, so much emphasis is placed on clan boss. This means that the current metagame is essentially dictated by clan boss. They determine which gear is the best and are one of the reasons speed sets are so popular. It also impacts who champions are viable and what team compositions are optimal.

GS vs WM

Which is better? Many people mistakenly believe that WM will cause twice the damage as GS. While this is true for Clan Boss outside of Clan Boss. However, Clan Boss passive reduces the base damage of WM to 75k. This is the same as for GS.

For champions who have a primary attack that hits 3 or more times, GS is better than WM. For 1-hit champions, WM is more effective. The two are equal on damage expected for two hits. This is why:

War Master: 60% chance to hit 75k, but can only be activated once. GS: 30% chance to hit 75k, can activate multiple times.

The WM average is 45k damage/hit. 60% x 75k = 45k. It has only one proc chance. I tested it. It’s a flat 60% chance.

Below are the average GS changes per hit:


GS average damage: 30% *75k = 22.5k average damage/hit


GS Average damage: (30%*2)*75k= 0.6*75k = 45k average damage/hit


GS Average: (30%*3)*75k = 0.9*75k = 67.5k average damage/hit


GS average: (30%*4)*75k= 90k average damage/hit.

So while GS and WM are equal on 2-hit champions in terms of expected damage respectively, WM has a 40% chance of not receiving a proc. GS, however, has a 49% chance to not get a proc and a 9% chance that it will result in a double proc. Consistency is more important than a slight chance of greater damage for a lifesteal build. WM is also better.

Consider their other abilities when choosing 2-hit champions. If their other abilities have multiple hits, GS might be better. However, if their rest of the kit has single hit abilities, then WM may be more suitable.

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