The top 20 educational toys for children


Education is now in its Goldilocks era. There has never been a better time to combine education and fun. Somebody has found that children respond well to play and learning when there is a combination of study and play. Find out more at
Toys can teach everything, from mathematics to hand-eye coordination. This is good news for parents but it can also be overwhelming. There are a lot of toys available, so if we fail to choose wisely what toys to give our children for their education, it will have serious consequences. Every child is unique, so this list is not definitive, but it will help you to determine the best educational toys for your kids.

1 Baby walkers:

The joy of watching babies take their first steps is one of the most rewarding human experiences. The best moment is when the baby speaks his first word. Baby walkers are the most ancient toy. Baby walker can help your child become quadrupedal and bipedal safely.

2 Cup toys:

This will help children improve their hand-eye coordination. The child will also be able to grasp a large cup and place the small one inside. These toys are also colorful so children will want to grab them and have fun with them when they’re not being used.

3 Phonics toys:

There are many phonics toys available. The toy that helps children learn alphabets is the best. It is more appealing to children because of the chirpy music that plays every time they press a button.

4) Banks

One of our most fond memories is piggy banks and similar toys. This helps the child develop hand-eye coordination and instills the importance saving money in their minds.

5) Count and Learn Jar: This is similar to piggy banks dropping coins in slits. Every coin is marked with an identifying number. This helps children to develop basic math skills.

6) Music toys:

Children can have access to every instrument, including the xylophone and piano. A child who is musically gifted will be able to help their future career and goals.

7) Building Blocks sets:

You can be the little engineer in your child! These toys will help your child develop motor skills as well as the ability to use reasoning to build objects. This will have a huge impact on their future.

8) Pegs and mallets: These toys can strengthen the bones of the child and help them to see cause and effect. Music and smiley faces are created every time a child hits the bench with a peg.

9) Music Rhymes:

It is an electronic toy that has pre-recorded nursery rhymes. Children love the brightly lit music and blinking lights, which makes them more interested in it than in traditional classrooms.

10) Shape Sorters:

This toy can help you learn shapes and how to use spaces. You can insert different shapes into the slots. The kid will be able to use the toy more easily once he/she is proficient in using it.

11). Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

Children love to play with the colorful spikes attached to a cheerful-looking animal. This allows them to develop fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination.

12), PLAYAUTOMA Explore the World:

It’s a map that kids can use. It marks each country with the identifying tourist attraction. This helps children remember the different cultures and the geographic positions.

13 Art and Craft Science Kit:

This toy is great for children who are interested in space. The toy also contains a Kaleidoscope and other tools that encourage children to learn through play.

14). My Chemistry Lab:

This is a good place to begin for children who are promising to become scientists. This tested and safe equipment helps children learn basic chemical reactions such as evaporation and osmosis.

15) Skillmatics Buildables:

Compound Microscope: This tool, unlike the previous one, can be used to build and learn about microscope components. The instructions are easy to follow and make it feel like a real accomplishment for kids.

16). Techhark 220+ DIY Toys:

You can connect more than ten thousand straws to make really cool stuff. The sky is the limit for creativity. Children can create anything, from phones to table tops, chairs and swings.

17) Play Poco Spelling Fun:

Children can learn to spell common everyday objects with around 150 pieces. It is designed to function like a puzzle so that children can learn how to spell.

18) Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit:

The toy set includes over 50 experiments that children can enjoy while learning important scientific principles.

19) Kitki Escape Evil Fun Board Game:

This award-winning toy helps children learn about common chemicals used in everyday life. The story behind the toy is interesting and will keep kids interested.

20) Mechanix Monster Buggies:

This toy is great for future engineers and designers.


Although the above list cannot cover all educational toys, it will give an idea of the creativity and innovativeness of toymakers in helping children learn through play. Find out what interests your child and get the toy that keeps them interested. This will not only make them smarter, but it may also help to build a foundation for their future careers.