Community Safety Guidelines

We at Muses value the safety of our members and want to provide you with safety best practices when working with one another on the platform. When you are considering to accept work:

  • Consider providing a contract or an agreement before starting work. Have both parties review and sign. This keeps everyone involved honest and aligns expectations.
  • Review the other member’s website, social media, previous work history, etc.
  • Keep records of communications, whether they’re in emails or screen shots from the app.
  • For Paid gigs, consider requiring a deposit prior to starting work. If you do, be sure to set a clear refund policy that both sides agree upon.
  • Maintain good communication with the client throughout your work to ensure work is performed according to expectations.
  • If you foresee extra costs in the project that is not originally communicated, be sure to agree on the new costs before continuing on the project. 
  • When receiving payment by check, it’s best to wait for the check to clear before completing work.
  • Please make sure to review Muses T&Cs section 4. Gigs.