Rules in Network Marketing

There is an art to learning the right way to get prospects through network marketing. Many are obvious and there are some that are right in front of your eyes, you just need to see them.

There are chances to network with people every minute of every day, and finding people is rather easy. However it takes a lot of effort and discipline to really make it work for you.

While you are mixing with other people during the course of the day,

apply the five foot rule to your travels. This means that when you are within five feet of someone, start a conversation with them. Anything from small talk to a funny comment can open the door to a new possibility.

As the conversation develops, asking them questions like “what do you do for a living?” will help to find ways to get them more comfortable and as they do, then you can introduce your message and they will be more receptive.

If they show signs of wanting to know more, you should ask them a question like “I have something that you might want to look at. Would you be interested?”. This is the moment you can offer a marketing tool like a business card or link to your website. Getting their card will make it easy to follow up later on.

See how easy that really is? Think about how many opportunities there are every single day that you can benefit from. Set a goal of meeting five new people everyday and you will be amazed at the results.

Think about the results that will bring to your growing network. You will have the potential to receive so many prospects in your pipeline you won’t know what to do with them. You will also have a good chance of sponsoring them, and think about the growth your business can experience.

Always use the five foot rule when you go out around other people. Sooner than you think, your marketing efforts will pay big dividends and your business can expand rather rapidly. This will ultimately lead to growth and increased profits.

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