Any discerning NYC girl is eternally active in finding new, colorful clothing to compliment her ever-changing lifestyle. As spring approaches, I am excited to see a new variety of warm tones and woven goods in displays as I peek in for design inspiration.

Turning to designers like Celine, Repetto, Simone Rocha, Mansur Gavriel, Sportmax, and Alice McCall, I walked to Soho for this excursion. These detailed brands have boutiques, stylists, and artists around the world watching and following for more.

Pictured: Celine Pictured: Celine

On this particular spring day, Celine features a long, crisp white midi-dress with cobalt blue paint splattered across the bodice with an Yves Klein reference in the window. This SS 2017 runway look is now available for your next tennis match or picnic.

Pictured: Repetto Pictured: Repetto

Just south of Franklin Bowles Galleries, Repetto showcases muted pink structures circled around a tulle pleated dance costume in the windows. This highlights the floor’s capsule collection and Cendrillon ballet flats, creating a true exhibition to draw the viewer in.

Pictured: True Amore V by Eduardo Arranz-Bravo at Franklin Bowles Galleries Pictured: True Amore V by Eduardo Arranz-Bravo at Franklin Bowles Galleries Pictured: Simone Rocha Pictured: Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha’s installation is quite vibrant, completely covering the windows with sculptures coated in deep red and yellow embroidered flowers. Tulle is also featured here; showing a bit of sheer back, arm, and shoulder detail in the gowns. Through the tops of the windows you can see a crystal chandelier brightening the store from a tall ceiling.

Pictured: Mansur Gavriel Pictured: Mansur Gavriel

Walking further down Wooster Street, closer to Houston, is the fantastic Mansur Gavriel display. The windows are a muted pink, and the floor is impeccably glistening. The leather goods are perfectly placed for proper consideration in this ground floor loft. Fresh flowers are in abundance.

Pictured: Sportmax Pictured: Sportmax

Sportmax showcases a variety of ready-to-wear pieces perfect for any spring event. Long, ruffled midi-length dresses with elastic belt cables decorate the front row. Crisp white cotton blouses with wide-leg coral pants hang in respective stands. A pink and clementine mule with a triangle heel is set on the floor for trying.

Pictured: Ralph Lauren Pictured: Ralph Lauren American Two Shot American Two Shot Pictured: Alice McCall Pictured: Alice McCall

East of Mercer, is a small gallery with magazines and jewelry inside—American Two Shot. It is here I find Alice Mccall draped among other conceptual dresses and skirts. This sensible yet playful designer also call to ballet for inspiration with off-the-shoulder silhouettes and theatrical cut-outs.

Pictured: Garrett Leight Pictured: Garrett Leight

The rest of my walk unveiled similarly cheerful details: a glass of Baby’s Breath and easy reading in the window front of Garret Leigh. Tracing back across SoHo, the trends I experienced in this preview included:

  • Warmer tones of coral, clementine, and muted pinks
  • Midi-length dresses and skirts
  • Tulle and sheer embellished details
  • Unconventioonal femininity
  • Crisp cottons and crepes

— There’s no end to the inspiration.

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Adams Vera Bellouis is an independent stylist who has worked alongside the likes of Jamie Nelson, Billy Kidd, Brooke Nipar, and Jimmy Fontaine and with such iconic fashion houses as Ralph Lauren and Zac Posen. Find samples of her work at bellouis.com.