We know. Influencer marketing can be tricky business—it’s an emerging market that deals largely in social currency. For that reason alone, the marketplace is full of influencer marketing myths. But there’s one influencer marketing myth which is very dangerous.

It’s the idea of “let’s do a one-time campaign to test the waters. It’s a good idea— to a point. As any marketer will tell you, it takes more than one interaction to win a loyal fan.

In fact, while the difficulty for most business owner lies in identifying influencers who will unlock a beautifully receptive audience, ready to learn about a new brand, the difficulty for influencers lies in finding business partners who understand the value of repeat collaborations.

Here’s the Worst Influencer Marketing Myth

Research by the Data and Marketing Association uncovered that the number of ‘touches’ required to “convert a prospect into a sales-ready lead ranged from two to nine touches, with an average of 7.51.”

Marketing attribution is another tricky business but within this context, the company studied used a variety of techniques to communicate and impress themselves upon potential customers from email campaigns to webinars.

Famously, marketing expert Dr. Jeffrey Lant coined the ‘Rule of Seven,’ which claims that to in order to make a valuable impression on a potential buyer’s mind, you have to contact that prospect at least seven times within 18-months.

For a brand to tap into an audience and then convert that audience into fans of their own, it takes nurturing their relationship with the influencer. It takes an ongoing relationship.

Once-and-done campaigns offer a brief spike in followers followed by inevitable drop-off. Repeat influencer campaigns offer compacted value.

One last point:

Influencers aren’t salespeople. Influencers are audience experts—who have built a loyal social following around their personal brand and are committed to regularly delivering that consumer base with informative and entertaining content.

Their audience is paying attention. They’ll notice when your brand has made it in with their favorite social account and then they’ll check out your brand for themselves.

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