Here’s an insane statistic, you would’ve never guessed about fashion bloggers. The vast majority work between 80-100 hours a week. Social media strategy, content creation, tireless engagement with fans, staying apprised of trends, ideation, and full-time corporate jobs comprise a handful of the fashion bloggers’ regular time commitments.

Work balance is challenge. A fashion blogger’s lifestyle is integral to their work.


How do you balance your work life?

The best social media strategy is to build build downtime into your schedule.

Balance is the Best Social Media Strategy

Slow down with a joyful activity. What do you find effortless? Meditation? A relaxed conversation? A great film? When you schedule one activity you look forward to each day, you trick yourself into taking downtime.

Change the way you go about your day

This is the real secret of a balanced work life:

You need to ditch your routine.

Humans unconsciously fall into the same routine every single day: sleep, work, eat, repeat.

Ask yourself: what do I need to change or mix up?

You may feel a lack of balance in your life due to lack of sleep, poor nutrition, a lack of inspiration. If you correct, you’ll notice your productivity increase, too!

The second best social media strategy is to unplug

Here’s an unheard of social media strategy:

Step away from the smartphone.

In order to generate great content, you have live your life. Give your brain a break. I can assure you, you will feel so much better after!

Add not just downtime into your schedule but twenty minutes a day without technology. Set an alarm to remind yourself to put your phone in airplane mode. Go outside. Take a break.

My best advice I can give those who are looking to balance work and personal life is: don’t forget about you. Map out your priorities and create a calendar. What’s the biggest task you need to accomplish this week for work? What can I try new this week that will give me a break from everything on my “to-do” list?

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