How do I use Muses to grow my social media audience?


1. Offer Something in Exchange for Promotions

You can offer either monetary or in-kind exchanges in the app for social media promotions. If you are offering payment, there are two ways to do so:
  1. Create a “PAID” collab. Paid collabs typically get 50% more applicants than OFFER collabs. Go to the 💎 tab, tap on “+” button, select “PAID”.Muses members with over 50K followers often require payment to promote for your business. With payment, influencers are guaranteed to post to social media. Muses uses Stripe to handle all transactions in-app with an escrow feature, meaning funds are never released until the influencer has fulfilled the collab requirements.
  2. Send a paid partnership through a DM. Tap on the “$” button in a DM to anyone you choose to initiate the partnership request.
Anyone can create a PAID collab, not just brands or businesses.
You can also offer in-kind exchanges, this is when you are offering a product, service, or experience in exchange for social media exposure. You would create an “OFFER” collab in the app. These collabs typically attract members with fewer than 50K followers. This option is great for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to get brand awareness and exposure for your brand and products. Read more on How do I get People to Promote for My Business.

2. Join Engagement Groups in the app

Engagement groups are where you meet other brand builders, bloggers, entrepreneurs, creatives, etc. looking to grow their audiences. Members introduce themselves along with posting their social media handles and posts for others to discover, follow, and engage with. Engagement groups often have titles such as “support group” or “grow together”, etc. The key to joining engagement groups is to always reciprocate. These groups are only as effective as its members’ reciprocity.
You can search for all groups by tapping on the 💎 tab, under “Meet People”, tap “View All”.

3. Find Guest Bloggers/Content Contributors

The best way to gain more audiences is through content discovery from other bloggers. You can do this by creating an “OFFER” collab, where you look for Guest Bloggers for your blog in exchange for promoting them on your social media channels. Members interested in guest blogging for you will join your collab, they would submit a post for your blog and you would in turn feature them on your Instagram, Facebook, etc. to talk about their guest post.
Even better, assemble a group of members to take turns guest posting on one another’s blogs for more content discovery. For example, A posts on B’s blog, B posts on C’s blog, C posts on A’s blog, etc.

4. Host Giveaways

Giveaways are a nice way to cross-promote with other members in the same categories as you. Typically a small group of members would chip in for a grand prize over $200 in value or something hard to get so that people would be excited about participating. The giveaway rules would include asking people to follow you for a chance to win the prize. You can look for members to host a giveaway with you by creating a “GROUP” collab, you can set criteria for the hosts you are looking for: minimum follower count, category, location, etc. It’s always best to look for other hosts that have a larger audience than you.
More effective giveaways typically involve a few hosts with an audience over 200K followers. These members may require monetary compensation to participate as a host. You can send them a partnership request directly through DM by tapping on the “$” sign on the DM screen.

5. Cross-promote with Muses in Your City

Pooling audiences is one of the best ways to grow your online presence. A simple way is to meet other Muses in your city, take photos together, tag and cross-promote one another on social channels. You can create a “GROUP” collab titled “Looking to take photos with Muses in NYC” or “Let’s do brunch and take photos”, set your minimum followers, category, and location criteria and wait for members to join.