KandCtraveltheworld is a travel and leisure blog written by two Portuguese best friends who love to explore a variety of destinations. Even though we share the same roots, the Atlantic Oceans currently tears us apart. With this blog, we are able to share our most exciting adventures at the same time we give recommendations to each other and the world full of wanderlusters.” Read more at https://kandctraveltheworld.com/

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Here are Travel Essentials provided by the two ladies:

I’m the kind of person that has always had a passion for traveling. Whenever anyone asked me to go on a trip, i’d always say yes. There’s just something about exploring new places, learning about different cultures, trying new food and meeting new people that has always really intrigued me.I’m sure most of us (guilty!) get so excited with planning where we want to stay and what we want to visit that sometimes we forget to pack the essentials. Here is a list that I created of my go-to travel essentials for an amazing trip!

·         Backpack

·         Passport

·         Sunglasses

·         Camera

·         Phone charger

·         Ipad

·         Mobile battery pack

·         Headphones

·         Hand sanitizer

·         Chapstick

·         Hairbrush

·         Hair bands

·         Makeup / makeup remover

·         Toothbrush / toothpaste / dental floss

·         Deodorant

·         Ibuprofen

·         Tweezers

·         Refillable travel bottles

·         Band-aids

·         Razors

·         Nail file

·         Tissues

·         Eye mask

·         Ear plugs

·         Tampons / hygienic pads

·         Ziplock bags

·         Mosquito repellent

·         Small mirror

·         Lotion