want to work as an influencer

So you’d like to work as an influencer?


It’s tough to find work as an influencer but Muses believes you can do it. Industry guidelines tend to define an influencer as a person who has at least 1K in social media followers on their channel of choice. That said, the Muses app considers anyone with online presence and an engaged audience   an influencer!

We know you have questions. That’s why we’ve created a quick cheat-sheet to cover all your basic Qs on finding work as an influencer. From 50 followers, to 50K followers, the same rules apply to everyone:

  1. Who is an influencer? 
  2. How do I become a full-time influencer or blogger? 
  3. When is it appropriate for me to pitch myself to a brand? 
  4. How do I come up with content ideas? 
  5. How do I connect with other influencers and bloggers?
  6. How do you pitch to brands when you have a small following? 
  7. How much should I charge per post?  

Stop waiting! Download “7 Facts on Finding Work as an Influencer” and get ready to find work as an influencer.

7 Facts on Finding Work as an Influencer

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