How do I join a Collab?

  • Start on the Collab screen (💎 tab in the app)
  • Browse collabs base on your goals: Grow my brand, meet people, earn money
  • Tap on a collab to review details and requirements
  • Tap “Join” to request to join collab
  • After you have requested, wait for admin to approve
  • Once approved, you will receive notification in your alerts screen (pink bell)
  • Tap on that acceptance alert, it will take you to the collab Discussions screen, where you will see instructions and next steps from the admin


How do I create a Collab?

  • Start on the Collab screen (💎 tab in the app)
  • Tap on the pink “+” button
  • Select your collab type: PAID, OFFER, GROUP
  • Fill out collab details and wait for people to apply
  • Post a welcome message and collab instructions + next steps in your collab Discussions in anticipation for members to join
  • Receive applications via the alerts screen
  • Tap on “@user requests to join your collab” alert to go to requests screen
  • Checkout each applicant’s profile before you accept or decline them
  • Once a member is accepted, they will have access to view and post to your discussions
  • Make sure to keep your collab members engaged by continuously posting to Discussions
  • Make sure to be on top of approving new members into your collab by checking your alerts screen