On May 20 Muses—the only influencer app that encourages real-time collaboration among businesses and personal brands of all shapes and sizes—made its debut to an intimate gathering of fashion and beauty enthusiasts at their Manhattan launch party. And what’s even better, we gave away brand campaigns. 

Upstairs, guests rippled through a spacious loft adorned with white paper lanterns, taking turns to admire and pose in front of a white wall of roses and a blue neon sign that glowed the phrase, “grow together.”

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Lady M Cakes arranged its Signature Mille Crêpes on a long table while in the kitchen, one bartender poured glass after glass of sparkling blue prosecco and the other took cocktail requests for a series of drinks made with Mezcal Amarás Espadín.

Meanwhile, Muses founder, Shirley Yang, alongside Gergana Ivanova , Tessa Barton, Marni Harvey, and Lindsi Lane gathered together for a series of photographs and the first collaboration of the evening,  greeting guests as they arrived: the excitement, palpable.

Why? Until this Saturday, nothing quite like Muses existed for those interested and invested in influencer marketing.

It’s time to get your brand campaigns on

Muses is a mobile app that enables anyone with an online audience (i.e. creator, blogger, brand, marketing professional, etc.) to collaborate directly with one another in groups. Collaborations are completely self-directed and open to multiple parties.

As experienced by those who attended our launch party, personal relationships are the best way to jumpstart online growth: the bigger your cohort, the more fuel for your growth.

It’s no wonder we experienced such an incredible turnout of brands and influencers—not to mention with gratitude, our sponsors. For all those who couldn’t make it out to NYC, here’s a quick recap of the fun times and brand campaigns you missed.

Amaras Mezcal set the mood with smoky cocktails.

Amaras, titled fittingly, “you will love,” is a new brand of mezcal consciously harvested from the hills of San Juan del Rio in Oaxaca, Mexico. The variety we sampled this weekend is made and roasted from Espadín agave plants and fermented in open pine containers to produce a deep, smoky flavor that brings to mind summer camp fires on the beach.

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Per Amarás’ recommendation, we mixed our mezcal with pineapple juice, lime, cilantro, and serrano syrup to create a deliciously tangy drink called Some Like It Hot in addition to the Smoking Gun comprised of jalapeno, cucumber and lime with agave to balance the mix with sweetness.

Gold medal winner of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2015, Amarás kept our guests cool and refreshed well past the party’s end. For more recipe ideas and to find where to buy in your local area visit

Blooms by Kammy Brightened the Room

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Kamelle Wilson provided us with boisterous purple, floral arrangements to compliment our check-in desk as guests arrived and bar —adding a splash of color to the otherwise sleek and minimalist loft space. That’s what Kammy does best! No matter the occasion, Kammy is dedicated to bringing more color to our world with her artful floral designs and garland crowns. To see more of her work, check out Blooms by Kammy here.

Limegreen Shared Its Brilliant Multi-use Beauty Line

The brilliance of Limegreen is that each of its beauty products are multi-use, as creator Talima Davis explains, “The inspiration for our multi-use nature was my grandmother, Catherine, who used baking soda for everything: cleaning, brushing our teeth and stinky shoes!”

In the spirit of collaboration, Limegreen provided our guests with an amazing beauty box full of all-natural vegan products including their summer essentials kit (which you can purchase here), two body bars, hair-face-body-hand wash, deliciously scented candles, and body-room-linen spray. When it comes to brand campaigns, who doesn’t love a good giveaway?

Anje Clothing Let Us Try On Spring Outfits For Size

Local NY designer and entrepreneur, Angela Brasington kindly brought an entire clothing rack of her latest Anje Clothing line for each of guests to browse. Her Virtue Collective is a line of products that supports female-powered businesses and female-centric nonprofits by contributing 10% of every sale to the Kota Alliance. As you can find on her site, “Angela’s biggest passions center around girl education, women empowerment and the rise of female entrepreneurship.”

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If you’re local to NYC, you can find ANje Clothing on 433 Broadway in the iVANZi marketplace; if not, check out her retail partners nearest to you.

Lady M Cakes Delighted Us With Matcha Tea Flavored Crepes

Famous for its delicate, twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes each layered with unbelievably light pastry cream, Lady M Mille Crêpes turned up with its signature cake in two flavor: vanilla and green tea. Melt-in-your mouth matcha tea and vanilla bites kept us coming back for second after seconds all evening.

For all those who couldn’t make it out, you have to try this delicacy as featured in Allure, O Magazine, and Town and Country. They’ll ship to you or let you pre-order for dine-in at any of their select city boutiques.

Fratelli Saraceni Ensured Everyone Left with a Bottle of Blue Mermaid Wine

You may have stumbled across Blumond’s blue prosecco in Marie Claire last month which is riding on the wave of our widespread obsession this spring with mermaids and as it happens, a mermaid is our logo!

If you’d like to relive the experience of Muses’s launch for yourself where the blue wine seemed to flow unceasingly, you can order your own 750mL bottle of Blumond for directly from Saraceni. Even better, for a glimpse of how everyone else is enjoying their blue bubbly, browse the Blumond hashtag #LiveInBlue on Instagram. You may find some of our party pics there.

Ultimately,  #MusesIRL and its wonderful sponsors and guests provided each other with the unique opportunity to engage in live brand campaigns throughout the course of the party. The beauty of Muses is that, if you weren’t able to attend, you can still join in on the fun and excitement!

What are you waiting for?  Download the Muses app today and starting getting to know the incredible brands and influencers local to you. As soon as you join and create your first brand campaigns, you’ll be hooked.

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Colleen Patterson is the content marketing manager for Muses, the only digital growth app focused on building long­-term relationships. She’d love you to get involved.