Monica Gold is a textbook triple threat—who as a young dancer, performer and singer (a talent she most recently took up) didn’t initially know that she could make a living out of her art.

“When I left school I thought I might never get the chance to perform on a stage again because I had to grow up,” Monica says. “But now I know I couldn’t escape this life even if I tried. I love it way too much.”

Little did she know, after school she’d grow into a successful performer who runs her own dance company: FIND YOUR FIERCE.  (Fun fact to all of our Muses readers! FIERCE really does have a specific meaning: Fearlessness, Inspiration, Empowerment, Respect, Confidence, Ecstasy).

“I often refer to dance as my boyfriend,” says Monica. “Music introduced us; greatest relationship ever!”

Like any relationship, however, it does take a little work. Monica learned quickly in school that the digital world returned the positive attention every time she pressed share.

Today Monica is sharing her tips on growing a fanbase with us and we couldn’t be more excited:

Be Consistent

“Try to keep people engaged by posting at least three times a week with good, solid, entertaining content. I tend to keep my Instagram page really organized. I’ll alternate between videos and pictures.”

Monica is on point when she says social media is her business card.

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Be Open

“It’s easier because you make yourself more accessible to a wider audience. Competition will exist in any industry you go into.”

Don’t let competition stop you from chasing your dreams! Use your social media outlets as a way to give your fans access to the truest version of yourself.

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Know who you are

From your strengths and messaging, brand and personality—every ounce counts

“I believe that as long as you’re focused on what you’re doing and you stay true to who you are, it’s all positive promotion. People will gravitate to that.”

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For those of you working towards a career in the dance industry, Monica says:

“You have to know what you are comfortable with and know your limits. Don’t look to others for approval or opinions because their comfort level may be very different than yours. You may lose a gig or two in this process but at the end of the day you have to look at yourself in the mirror, know that person, and be proud of that person! Whoever you are, own it.”

Bonus Points

The first ever FIND YOUR FIERCE show is scheduled this June! Beginner Workshops begin May 7th. Check out FINDYOURFIERCE.CA to sign up for a workshop or buy tickets to see Monica and her crew in action.

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