By Colleen Patterson

“I am not normally the kind of person who would ever sit down to read a book about beauty but Lazy Perfection is so funny and well-written I could not put it down,” says Jessica Supera. “I think this book may change my life. I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of Jenny Patinkin in the media. She offers a really refreshing take on modern beauty.”

Jessica is not alone in her feelings.

Lazy Perfection, The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying may be the first book by author, Jenny Patinkin but its insights only a hint at the tip of iceberg.

Jenny Patinkin is a celebrity makeup artist, beauty expert, and entrepreneur whose beauty school and public commentary are opening the door for women everywhere to make informed decisions on the run. As Yvonne Huff puts it, “so necessary in my go, go, go life.” 

Can’t we all relate to that? I asked Jenny how she went from busy mother of three to a busy mother of three plus successful business owner and public commentator whose work has been featured in Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, and Bridal Guide. Here’s her answer. 

Simply put, Jenny used to rely on other people to get her makeup done until one day, she decided she wanted to be on the other side of the chair.  After graduating beauty school as “a late bloomer,” she signed onto a big international agency who put her to work with celebrities. 

“My oldest daughter had friends at the time who were modeling,” says Jenny, “and because I was new in the business they paired me with models who were new in the business and I couldn’t get comfortable working with these young girls.”

Jenny wanted to help busy women like herself — so she started teaching private lessons on how to apply makeup effectively and efficiently and how to select the right products for one’s lifestyle. 

Thus, Lazy Perfection was born. In working closely with individual clients, Jenny began to hone in on the Lazy Perfection philosophy, focusing on common needs, concerns, and frustrations.

“Beauty is very personal,” she says. It’s easy to be intimidated by the prospect of making decisions and establishing a reliable routine.

“We have so many choices and such high expectations for ourselves,” she says. “And we’re emotional about our appearances [which complicates the decision-making process]. Lazy Perfection is not for women who are operating at the Sofia Vergara level. This is practical advice for regular women to take and use in a real way.”

Before she decided to sit down and write a book, Jenny had long-provided her clients with an objective list of healthy and responsible beauty products. “Way more women want simple, natural make up look,” she says. “The book has a huge list of product recommendations at the end that I used to give all of my clients. It makes it easy! I always point to this list so that no one has to fret over making the right makeup decision.”

The book, then, felt like a natural extension of the advice she was already giving. It tackles everything from coloring to skin texture, facial features, lifestyle and technical ability. In fact, everything Jenny does feels like the natural next step for her business. If you go to her, you’ll find personal line of handmade makeup brushes.

“A lot of the mass produced brushes don’t feel good on the skin,” says Jenny. So, she spent three years researching manufacturing options until she found the perfect fit in Japan. The brushes Jenny offers are handmade, cruelty-free, beautiful brushes that perform like a breeze.  Among her next steps, Jenny is launching a new line of luxury vegan makeup brushes. (Hint: be on the lookout in this year’s Neiman Marcus holiday catalog!)  

Between book signings and public appearances, continuing to develop products in the clean beauty space, staying in touch with her fans and community, what doesn’t Jenny do? To enhance your own beauty routine, check Jenny’s famously good instructional videos and be sure to check out her book!

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