At Muses, we like to feature our members. Today, we are introducing Chelsea Coffey from She is a brand builder and creator who is enjoying her journey as she figures things out. You can find her on Instagram here. Below is in her words to the Muses community:


Hey guys!

Chelsea Coffey here. I’m a blogger over at my Life & Style blog I’m pretty pumped to share my most recent blogging breakthrough with this newfound blogging community of mine here at Muses.

A while back it hit me that I needed to reevaluate everything as a content creator and that is exactly what I did. I questioned my motivations, my intent, the energy I wanted to bring to the blogging space, and thankfully a year later I realize how significant that exercise has been for my overall morale as a content producer.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wrestled with the tug-of-war between my vision of the life I see for myself and where I feel I am. To add fuel to the fire, introduce social media. It was 2012. I’d just started a new job as a social media editor for a magazine, and seemingly in the blink of an eye, I was thrown into the very competitive world of likes, comments, and follows. Over the last few years, I’ve marveled at the progress of guys and girls whose style ranges anywhere from huh? – to outright fab! The ability to make blogging a full-time entrepreneurial endeavor is a dream that always seems to fall just short of tangible.

I can think of a million and one reasons why I’ve teetered back and forth about going all in. For starters, I think working too closely to an industry can sometimes put a stain on it. In the case of social media for example, people can buy followers, pay for likes, pitch campaigns, the list goes on… *To be clear, everyone has a groove that works for them, the caveat, is that I’ve had several conversations with aspiring bloggers who are benchmarking their progress against this person and that person’s success and so often, their perceptions of these successes inherently draw from assumptions void of details we simply don’t have any way of knowing, which is why it’s so important to do you, and trust your magic.

Secondly, I’m super visual, and it has been a JOURNEY to bring this site up to speed aesthetically. Finding cost-effective solutions to get The Coffey Break just how I wanted it has been a labor of love. This is the first time, ever haha, where I actually have every design element I would have wanted to feel confident about giving this thing a real push.

Lastly, it really just came down to time and place. My filter for just about anything or anyone is authenticity, and I hold myself to that same standard. If I can be totally transparent, I have a confession: I honestly just didn’t want to feel like I was doing what everybody else was doing, and for the longest, I had a really hard time figuring out how to go about that.

I love fashion, but I also love food. I love love love making video blogs. I’m cheesy, and I can’t get enough of sharing the inspirational stuff. And you know what? That’s my groove, and I’m finally at peace with that. Two years ago, I could have said that, but I would have felt torn. Now, I don’t care. Build whatever it is you see for yourself and the right people and opportunities will be drawn to you plain and simple. I’m a little bit of everything, and this space I’ve created is built to reflect just that.

If you’ve ever found yourself relating to any of this, I’m sending a ton of positive vibes and love your way.

I always remind myself that there’s enough pie for everyone to go around, so I hold on to the fact that the thing that makes me unique as a creator is the way I share my journey to building a life and business I’ll love, and that the best is yet to come.

Looking forward to connecting with you guys in the future!

Best, Chelsea