By Colleen Patterson

You asked and we listened. This week, Muses is proud to announce incredible changes to the new and improved Muses App. Trust us. You’re not even going to recognize the app.

Bye, bye Collaboration Sets…

The old Muses app had a static home screen comprised of six different collab sets—our in-house term for all the different types of campaign methods we encourage you to pursue for best results. The new and improved Muses app has done away with collab sets for simplicity! Now, there are two courses of actions you can take: you can create or join a campaign or group. (More on that later).

Even thought, we’ve done away with the collaboration sets, we still encourage you to try out different types of collaboration to execute your influencer marketing goals. Here they are for the sake of posterity:

  • (Social) Post Exchanges are simply a reciprocal swap: free products for a discount code shared out by an influencer to their audience, or services in exchange for reviews, or any other trade as you see fit.
  • In-Person Collaborations result in the creation of authentic and shareable social content like behind-the-scenes photos, or live videos, or shout-outs and reviews. .
  • Features are a singular write-up, shout-out, or social post which highlights an individual, product, or service—either by way of a post exchange or paid promotion.
  • Giveaways are a popular type of social media contest, which are always amplified through the help of a co-sponsor. For instance, when you pool audiences and resources, you can entice more people with a bigger prize.
  • Guest Bloggers are an effective way to cross-pollinate your web traffic by adding your own byline to a partner’s website or vice versa.

Keep these methods in mind the next time you join or create a campaign within the new and improved Muses app!

… Hello, Muses Discussion Groups and Campaigns!

We’ve made the improved Muses app is so much simpler than our beta version. If you’re a business, you can create and join campaigns and discussion groups. If you’re an influencer, you can now apply to join campaigns and create and join your own groups. Got it? It’s very easy to get started and maintain.

Use a campaigns to accomplish your social media goals and/or discussion groups to network, brainstorm, and prepare or vet potential collaboration partners for your next campaign.

And, even better, we’ve changed group messages to discussion threads so that you can easily keep track of all of your various conversations and trains of thoughts. Now, the Muses app group discussions will more closely resemble Facebook discussions than group texting. Aren’t you so excited by how simple we’ve made Muses?

Get Excited for a Brand New Home Page

You asked if we could make the home page of the Muses app a little more action-oriented and that’s exactly what we did. Now, every time you open Muses, you’ll be met with a home feed!

Whenever you want to see what the rest of the Muses community is up to, all you have to do is click on the Home icon. You’ll now see whenever a new user joins the app or joins a group. And you’ll also see whenever a new group is created that aligns with your interests. Plus, get ready for a whole new look and color scheme we know you’re going to love. 😉

.. and last but not least: Getting Paid!

I know. Everyone’s biggest ask. We’ve made keeping track of all of your activities within Muses so much easier. From the groups tab, you’ll now be able shown both Featured and Recommended groups based on your categories of choice and location. Filter all groups by: category, location, brand campaigns only, engagement groups only or, both brand campaigns and engagement groups.

What’s that? Brand campaigns and engagement groups? Those are new! That’s right. We’ve distilled all of your activites don to either  campaigns (which are goal oriented and based around an objective) and engagement groups (which are geared toward community and networking with no set deadlines). Engagement groups are where you build relationships and campaigns are where you decide to work together to help improve each other’s social!

There’s one more distinction we should mention. Every campaign within Muses is now labelled as either PAID or a SPECIAL OFFER. Paid campaigns are just that. Group admins can now reward the members of their group with monetary compensation. The special offer groups are similarly transactional but the payment comes in the form of a free service or product or discount offer.

Speaking of group admin, Muses now offers the ability for admins to designate their groups as public or private. Sometimes you just want to keep your collaborations to your close friends! Isn’t it exciting? Now, all you have to do to access our changes is go to the app store and update the Muses app!

Dig into these blog posts more for tips and ideas on how to monetize your influence and make the most out of Muses. Check ‘em out!

Colleen Patterson is the content marketing manager for Muses, the only digital growth app focused on building long­-term relationships. She’d love you to get involved.