Curious as to how to start a YouTube channel? Here are my top five tips on how to start on YouTube channel.

Step one: start a YouTube channel

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can,” said Arthur Ashe. You don’t need top-of-the-line equipment in order to start a YouTube channel. In fact, some of your favorite YouTubers likely started out creating content using their phones, Webcam, or a basic camera. Don’t let your own lack of videography tools scare you away from getting started. Find a device with a record button and press play. Just do it! Make that first video today.

Be authentic from the start

This is the most important tip. Your following is going to stem from people who feel a connection to you. Be yourself! Talk about what you’re passionate about and the rest will fall into place. I recommend including bloopers in your videos and not taking yourself too seriously. Those are the moments when your audience will get to see your genuine personality.

Engage with your audience and potential followers

Due to the fact that the pool of content on YouTube is extremely saturated, it will be difficult at first for people to find you. So, put yourself out there and engage with not only your viewers, but also viewers of people who create similar content. If you enjoyed someone else’s video and see people commenting with questions that aren’t being addressed, respond if you know the answer! Sharing your knowledge could lead to that person being interested in following you when you first set out to start your YouTube channel.

Be organized in order to stay consistent

I have a corporate 9-to-5 career that consumes 40+ hours a week of my time, so I find staying organized extremely helpful when juggling work and my efforts to start a YouTube channel. Make a filming schedule to help you stay on track and remain consistent with your content. Buy an agenda and plan ahead to allow for time to film, edit, upload, and interact with your following.

Don’t compare yourself to others

View your YouTube channel as a light-hearted, creative outlet. It’s not a competition. Although the YouTube world can appear to be very competitive, it’s not! Comparing yourself to someone else’s journey is not productive in any aspect of life. When you start a YouTube channel for yourself, it’s no different. You should go into this with a positive mindset and remember to have fun!

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Cassie Ann is a YouTuber and social media Influencer behind the username ClassyCassie08, with a passion for makeup and living a healthy lifestyle. Every week she shares beauty tips and her weight loss journey with her viewers in hopes to inspire others.