There are many ways you can pitch a brand through various platforms and contacts you gather on the internet. For this post, we will share a way that is more creative and built on the idea of human relationships. It is important to remember that behind each screen (mobile/desktop/tablet), is a human being, and we believe the best way to connect with another individual is to establish a relationship with them.

Say you want to pitch a travel brand and have already sent an email to their general mailbox. Here are other steps you can try:

  1. Go to LinkedIn, search for the “Social Media Manager” or “Marketing Manager” or “Influencer Relationships Manager” or “PR Manager” for that brand.
  2. Once you find the person, look them up on Instagram, and start engaging with them. This means reply to their stories from time to time, like their photos and leave a few genuine comments on their posts.
  3. The secret here is not to be too aggressive in the beginning, ease into your engagement, and slowly build a relationship with the brand manager on a personal level.
  4. After engaging with them a few weeks or months (yes sometimes it can take months depending on the individual), pitching them hopefully would become a natural conversation.

This method is not for everyone of course, it takes a lot of time and not everyone is comfortable with building a personal relationship online. However, after talking with many influencers who have gotten amazing contacts and brand deals, we’ve spotted a common theme: aiming to build a long term relationship over a quick transactional one makes your chances of getting a deal that much easier.