In an unlikely spot for the one of the largest beauty conferences in North America, this year’s BeautyCon NYC took place at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on the edge of a wharf overlooking the lower Manhattan skyline.

Outside, the wind coming off the water ushered in thousands of visitors to the conference space: beauty enthusiasts, celebrity influencers, esteemed brands with new product lines in tow, and up-and-comers, like Muses.

Nearly 2 acres of booths and VIP lounges and panel stages and of course, the famous unicorn entryway, certainly kept us occupied for the entire day — and that’s not to mention the people we met along the way!

The event was a spectacle in itself. So:

For all those who couldn’t make it out to New York for the big weekend, we thought the least we could do was send you up with a quick photo recap of our favorite booths and most notable celebrity appearances.

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From portrait sessions shot by Milk Studios photographers to Gabrielle Union spelling out what it truly means to be a #girlboss, BeautyCon NYC did not disappoint in the slightest. One thing is certain: we are definitely going back next year. ✌🏽

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