Jenny Bess is the founder of Sweet Teal, an original fashion and DIY blog in which every post features at least one did-it-herself accessory with plenty of images and instructions to match. Her taste is calm and simplistic with a bohemian edge.

Among our favorite concoctions she’s recently share are a gorgeous cross-front bodysuit that looks pulled straight from an Alice and Oak catalog and and placemat statement purse garnished in seashells. Tell us if you don’t think her work looks store-bought. She’s got a truly original eye.

This week, DIY queen and self-made blogger, Jenny took the time to fill us in our her creative process and future plans.

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How long have you been a creator? Tell us how you got your start?

I’ve always loved crafting and took art classes all throughout school. Once I graduated high school and moved out of my parents’ house, I started my own DIY and style blog! I needed furniture to fill my new home and building and making my own home decor was the cheapest option.

I became addicted; I started making everything I could: accessories, clothes, things for my dogs. The feeling of having something you made with your own hands is unlike anything else.

Fashion has always interested me, as well. So I started to share my outfits and how I style certain pieces.

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Now, I mix DIY and style. Every outfit I share on my blog includes at least one item I’ve made, with the tutorial shared as well. Helping others learn how to make things is what really keeps me going.

What inspires you on the daily; any idols?

Amber of Barefoot Blonde and Geneva of A Pair & A Spare are my biggest idols. Both are successful bloggers who are so positive and kind. Both also sell their own products that they have created and that is something I’d like to do one day.

Tell us the most challenging aspect about continually creating. How do you manage?

The most challenging aspect is definitely being stuck in a rut and feeling uninspired to create. Whenever I am stuck, I like to take a day or weekend off from creating and just go to the beach, relax, and turn my mind off. You need to take little breaks so that you don’t get overwhelmed!

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What methods have you used (if any) to grow your brand online, gain subscribers, or increase your views?

I utilize social media to grow my blog. Pinterest and Instagram bring in the most traffic for me and I think that’s because I’m a very visual person and focus on creating appealing photos. By being consistent, having quality content and photos, and engaging with others is how I’ve grown. Also, word-of-mouth is huge.

What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

I love larger projects like making furniture or putting together a clothing lookbook. The bigger, the more difficult but also the most rewarding.

Have you ever had a feeling of having “made it?” What was it like?

I’ve had two small “I made it” experiences. My first happened when a makeup review of mine was featured in Seventeen Magazine. That was pretty surreal and very exciting. The other was when decor magazine featured one of my DIY projects. It included my tutorial and all!

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Tell us something we’d never guess about you.

I’ve always wanted to live on a farm! One day I’d love to get a piece of land and grow my own food but also rescue all kinds of animals and give them a home. I’ve raised ducks, rabbits, cats, and dogs in the past.

Describe your perfect day.

I’m designing. Maybe I make a new outfit to wear to brunch or maybe I make a swimsuit or beach bag, too. Then I spend the day at the beach with my two pups until the sun sets and end the night at home watching movies and drinking wine. It’s simple, but those are my favorite types of days.

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What’s next?

I really want to create my own line inspired by the ocean. I’m thinking beach bags, swimsuits, or maybe dresses. I also want to do it in a way to help the environment like by using recycled materials. It’s always been a dream of mine and I’m ready to make it happen. If you’d like to stay up to date on Jenny’s latest work, follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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