By Julie Chez

Hey y’all! My name is Julie Chez, and I am the creator of the personal blog, XOXOJulzChez. My day job is teaching yoga and fitness where I feel incredibly blessed to love what I do. But:

We all have our passions and mine happens to be fashion.

As newlyweds, my hubby and quickly I slipped into a pre-sleep routine of cuddling up in bed with our respective iPads. He’d play zombie video games while I pored over fashion blogs. Then one day it hit me: “duh woman, create your own!”

Just like that, I was on a mission.

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One year in, I still feel like a beginner amid a giant sea of blogging ninjas in many ways.  I am pleased, however, to have created something that authentically represents me and that I can take pride in.


Here I present y’all with three rules I have stayed true to, that I recommend to all you fellow blog babies!

Make Grandma Proud

Keep it classy. Our world has plenty of inspiring Kardashians.

I am all about dressing sexy, but just remember that you are publishing your content for the world to see. It’s public! You don’t want your dad reading your post with one eye half-opened do you?

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Good Grammar is Stylish

I made it a point from day one of my blog, to be certain that my spelling and punctuation are always on point. This is one problem area which I’m always surprised to see in so many blogs.

I review my posts at least twice before my editor (read: my mom) checks my work over and only then do I publish.

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You want your blog posts to be concise and professional, don’t you?

Nail the Photos

An OOTD or “outfit of the day” shot in front of a brick wall is perfectly acceptable. Once you join the blogging world, your radar for brick walls becomes crazy legit.

However, you are competing with an insane amount of bloggers who are each sharing very similar shots.

Have fun with your photoshoots, explore your natural talents, and challenge your creativity.

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One of my favorite shoots took place at the Willis Tower ledge, posed upside down in a headstand, wearing high heels. I am rather cautious and fearful of heights, so it was a challenge for myself, and my readers loved the stand out images. Win-win!

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The full story is linked here: Causing a Scene at the Willis Tower.

Your blog is a creative expression of yourself that you are sharing with the world. Always be true to yourself and remember you don’t have to do what you see other bloggers doing.

Make it your very own. And girl, own it. “I am my own Muse.”~ Tom Ford

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Julie Chez is a Chicago yoga and fitness instructor, wife, and cat mom. She launched her personal blog, XOXOJulzChez, to serve as a creative outlet to express her passion for fashion, fitness, beauty, wellness, and all things happy and sparkly. In her free time, Julie volunteers teaching yoga to adults with disabilities at the Arts of Life, enjoys time with family and friends, and of course blog.

Photo credit: Olivia Szwarc