How Do I Get People to Promote for My Business on Muses?

1. Offer In-Kind Exchanges

In-kind exchanges are when you can offer a physical product, a service, or experience in exchange for social media promotions. This is a great option for businesses or entrepreneurs who do not have the budget to pay influencers or want to get customers’ feedback on your products. This is also a popular option if you’d like to do product sampling – send a sample of your products to a large group of influencers for brand awareness. Muses can help you execute sampling programs through our push notifications in the app which gets sent to 15,000 of our members.

There are two ways to get products into members’ hands:

  1. Provide a promo code to your website: This is the easiest way to get your products to collab members. You would create a promo code for Muses members to use on checkout for the product you’d like them to post about.
  2. Ship product: You can also obtain shipping information from Muses members in the collab and ship the product to them.

To create an in-kind exchange collab, tap on the 💎 tab and select “OFFER”.

2. Offer Affiliate Sales

A great incentive for influencers to promote for your business is to offer them affiliate sales. This works by creating a unique tracking code through your eCommerce provider for each member involved in the collab. The influencer will include their unique code in their social media post so that they receive either a percent or a flat dollar amount per sale they drive.

Affiliate codes often work together with in-kind exchanges detailed above.

To create an Affiliate Sales collab, tap on the 💎 tab and select “OFFER”.

3. Offer Payment

Muses members with over 50K followers often require payment to promote for your business. With payment, influencers are guaranteed to post to social media. Muses uses Stripe to handle all transactions in-app with an escrow feature, meaning funds are never released until the influencer has fulfilled the collab requirements.

There are two ways to offer payments in the app:

  1. Create a PAID collab, tap on the 💎 tab and select “PAID”
  2. Find the person you want to pay in the app, send them a DM and tap the “$” button in the DM screen to initiate a paid partnership

4. Offer Features

Lastly, if you have a large social media footprint, high site traffic or large newsletter list, it could be very attractive for influencers if you offer to feature them on your owned channels. This typically works when you have a much larger audience and follower count than the influencers themselves.

To create a Features collab, tap on the 💎 tab and select “OFFER”.