How Do I Get More Brand Collabs in Muses?

1. Review the Collab Criteria

And only apply to the collabs where you meet the criteria. You can review the criteria for a collab by reading the ABOUT section of the collab. Look out for: Reach, Category, and Location. Reach is the minimum number of followers the admin requires you to have in order to join the collab. By following this guideline, you will help the admin accept and decline members much more efficiently by reviewing members that are actually eligible.

2. Fill-Out Your Profile Bio and Upload Photos

The first thing brands in the app will see is your Muses profile. First impressions are important here as they are in real-life, make sure you have a good profile photo, an interesting bio and social media accounts connected to your profile so that brands can tap into them to learn more about you in order to make a determination of your eligibility for the campaign.

3. Make Sure Your Social Feeds are Professional

Once Brand admins get past your Muses profile, they will want to look at your social media feeds to determine whether you are a good fit. Here are the most important areas:

  1. Aesthetics: Make sure all of your photos “flow” together, no one photo stands out like it doesn’t belong. Having a smooth feed is a good sign of someone who knows what they are doing. To achieve this, often you would need to apply the same filter to all your photos, a good read on how to create a cohesive and beautiful instagram feed here.
  2. Content: What do you post about? Too many selfies is a turn-off to anyone unless you are a makeup artist or beauty blogger sharing your makeup looks. Does your content match what the brand is selling and what they stand for? Does your content show a well-rounded perspective of not just what you look like but your personality? What type of followers do you attract and is that relevant to the brand?
  3. Number of Followers: Sometimes this is a non-negotiator, a brand requires you to have a minimum number of followers to participate in a campaign, sometimes not. Your chances of getting selected to receive free products are higher if you have at least 1,000 followers. Your chances of getting a paid campaign typically start when you have over 10,000 followers.
  4. Engagements: Engagements on your social feed are the likes and comments per photo your receive. Having a following but with no engagement is like empty calories, it does no good. Having healthy engagements is a good sign that your followers are real and are interested in your content.

4. Send the Brand Admin a Friendly DM

You can send DMs to anyone in the app, why not introduce yourself to the brand admin you’re trying to collab with! Sending a short, friendly, and sincere message may help you standout from all the requests the admin receives.

5. Be Patient

Brand admins are people, too. It may take a few minutes or a day or two for them to sift through all the collab requests and make a decision on yours. If your request goes pending for more than you are willing to wait, feel free to withdraw your request by tapping the “Requested” button in the collab again.