If you’re wondering if you can pitch to brands when you have a small following (< 10K followers), the answer is yes. However, your chances of getting a brand campaign all depends on your content quality and audience. Here’s what we mean:

Generally, you should feel confident to start sending brand pitch emails once you’ve hit 1,000 followers on any social media platform. We will get to the templates a little later, first, let’s make sure your content is “brand-friendly”. What this means is checking:

  • Is your instagram feed aesthetically consistent? Does it follow a succinct look-and-feel? For example, Marianna Hewitt has one of the most consistent feeds (everything is pale-pink and nude-ish). She talks about how she edits her photos and keep a consistent feed in this video.

  • Is what you post about relevant to the brand? Does your content share the same category as the brand e.g. food, fashion, travel, etc.
  • Do you have the right engagement rate? Typically you want to have at least 3% engagement rate. If you have 10,000 followers and have 300 likes/comments per post, that’s 3% engagement rate.
  • Do you have the right audience? If the brand is looking for customers female 18 – 34, but your followers/audience is majority male, that would not be the best fit, unless you can show that your female audience is super engaged through likes, comments and story views.
  • How old is your account? If you have a brand new account, it maybe a tougher sell to brands as most would like to see at least 50 posts on Instagram, which shows that you’ve established a consistent footing on that platform with your followers.
  • What are your Instagram Story views? Do you have lots of people commenting and asking you questions when you post to stories? These are metrics other people cannot see as only the account owner can see how many views a story gets.

Ok, everything said above is what you’ll want to highlight in a brand pitch email if the answers are positive. Since you have a smaller following, it is imperative to focus on the amazing work you’ve done for your content and thus cultivated a super engaged audience who will of course love your branded content.

Here’s a pitch template for free product:

Hi <brand representative>!

I’m Claire from @blogname and I absolutely love your brand. I am reaching out because I am planning a few trips for the Summer, and I would love to wear your <product name> on my trip to London. I think the <product name> will look amazing with the Buckingham Palace as backdrop. My followers are 70% women ages 25 – 34 who are fashion and travel enthusiasts. You can see their engagements on my recent posts: <link to post> and <link to post>.  

I will also be creating a few story posts throughout the day when I wear <product name>. I will tag your brand in everything and use the hashtag you designate.

Please let me know your thoughts. I would love to work with you!

If you don’t hear back in a few days, feel free to followup. If still nothing, no sweat, move on! Many influencers send 10, 20, 50+ brand pitch emails a day. Don’t take anything personal and keep your head-up as rejections are part of the journey. Checkout how Muses can help grow your social media audience while you practice pitching! Best of luck beauties! x