Email marketing for social influencers—is a great way to stay in active communication with your followers as you continue to build out your own social influence — yet very few social media influencers actually use it.

Keep this in mind. There are more than 1 billion active users on Facebook and more than 2.6 billion users with an email. Put another way: there are 3x more email accounts than there are Facebook and Twitter accounts combined, according to Campaign Monitor.

You may think that social media content provides the greatest exposure for your brand when in truth, everyone’s checking their email more often than their Twitter.

What are you waiting for! It’s time you started putting good use to the emails you’ve collected on your site, bearing in mind these tips on email marketing for social influencers.

Quality over Quantity

You may not have an exciting update for your fan base every week and that’s okay! Reach out to your fans only when you need to. Stick to announcements, exciting news, and articles of interest. The purpose of email marketing for social influencers is to provided added value beyond your Instagram content. Don’t simply repost your social posts within the email. It’s likely they’ve already gotten the message. There is one exception, however…

Shop The Look

Are you running a promotion? Email is the way to go. Tease your promo code within your subject line and then link directly to your Instagram or embed your post for subscribers to make the purchase.  Instagram risks a higher chance of your audience missing a post. Emails, however, will sit forever in an inbox, highlighted until read or deleted. Use that longevity to your advantage!

Steer Clear of Clickbait

Don’t play games with your subscribers’ expectations. Misleading subject lines are a leading cause of unsubscribes. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t be creative. Tell your subscribers exactly what they’re in for and then deliver exactly that within the body of the email! It’s up to you to shape their expectations.

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Always Keep It Short

There’s a very high probability that your fans are opening their email on their phones. If you want to grab and maintain their interest, research supports the advice to keep your word count down and cut out the fluff. Believe it or not, 125 words is the sweet spot. Naturally, you’ll want to include images with alt tags. If your images don’t have a file name, they likely won’t display immediately within an inbox.

You may lose followers who were never truly interested in receiving your emails to begin with and there’s nothing wrong with that. Remember, email marketing for social influencers is simply an extension of the brand. You’ll only want loyal followers. At the end of the day, your email success will come from staying in touch with your audience, knowing what they want and expect from you, and giving them exactly that.

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