Caitlin Patton is a young PR professional and voice behind who recently established her own social media management business, having first begun to elevate brands on her personal blog in January of 2016.(If you’re interested in improving your own online presence, you can contact Cait here.) Beyond starting conversations and sharing her love of fashion with the world, Cait is above all else committed to the message of inner beauty:

“Most importantly, I love that every single day, I have the chance to help young women look, feel and be their best selves,” her bio reads. Today, we chatted with Cait about her inspiration (country music), start, and perfect day (75° and sunny with a Cardinals win in the works)—plus a few tips for those who are just starting out.

How long have you been a creator?

I have been a creator my entire life! I’ve always been drawn to the more creative and artistic things in life. I created my first business in grade school selling beaded bracelets to our neighborhood, walking door to door.

I’ve always loved writing, so in college, I sold paintings and sorority related items on Etsy and did some freelance articles for spare cash. I had an online portfolio for a PR class at Purdue, and realized that I could combine all my passions into one site.

Thus, Sophisticaition was born.

What inspires you on the daily?

Music is a huge inspiration for me. I love giving myself the challenge of picking out an outfit to fit a song. I also love street style!

Tell us the most challenging aspect about continually creating. How do you manage?

I’m never really “off.”

Even if I am not shooting, writing or working on business stuff, I am always thinking about ways to improve my brand and my content. Just last week, I was out with friends and I saw someone in a cute pair of heels so I jotted down how I could potentially style them on my notes app!

What methods have you used (if any) to grow your brand online, gain subscribers, or increase your views?  How do you promote yourself?

At first, everything was organic. I have started collaborating with other bloggers, influencers and creators in multiple industries to highlight our strengths and promote one another’s work. I really value collaboration over competition, and it’s really helped all of us build loyal and engaged followings.

What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

I love diving into things that I am unfamiliar with, or projects that are focused on doing something in a new and innovative way. Change is necessary to stay on top of your game, and I welcome it! I also love working on projects with people I’ve built relationships with over the years.

In those, I know I have to deliver and exceed expectations not only for the project, but for those individuals that I respect. It really pushes me to create awesome work.

Have you ever had a feeling of having “made it?” What was it like?

The first time I got a substantial check from my blog, I freaked out. I pride myself on being a dreamer and a doer, so it was amazing to realize all my hard work has finally paid off, that doing what I love full-time was possible after all.

What’s next for you?

As Sophisticaition grows so rapidly, I am launching video content to keep up with demand! I am super excited to get into the video space, I really feel that is where digital is heading.

Find more updates from Caitlin at and follow her on Instagram.