Let’s face it. As a fashion blogger, you’ve seen plenty of overdone content. You know that OOTD or “outfit of the day” photos are easy and popular but they’re rarely original: a painted wall, a big smile, titled head, cute dress or a cityscape, sunglasses, and a glance off camera. A quick search of #OOTD within Instagram yields more than 131 million hits.

It takes work to craft original content, especially within the fashion-blogger community. So, here’s a simple fix.

Make it personal

Do yourself a favor and declutter your brain. Turn off Instagram. Read a book outside. Take a walk. If you’re asking yourself the question of how to tell stories with your fashion blog, it’s time that you tuned out everyone else and tuned into yourself. Otherwise, if you consume overdone content; you’ll create overdone content. That’s how it happens, even on accident!

Try to forget the overdone content you’ve seen

What do you find appealing? Exciting? Are you inspired by outfit of the day photos? Have you noticed a consistent theme within your own wardrobe? Sit down and write out ten words that describe your personal style.

Then, go back and try to find a different word for each of the words you just wrote down. The goal is to avoid cliche. Did you say, ‘fierce’? Define fierce. What does fierce mean specifically to you? What specifically, about the outfit is fierce? Is it the color, the texture, the cut, or the material?

Did you describe your personal style as ‘fun’? If so, you’ve chosen a very broad adjective and broad adjectives make for overdone content.

Focus on the nuance

Try again with a different word, or, try an associational exercise to flesh out the one you did grab. If you wrote down fun, write out one of your happiest memories next, a fun memory. What were you doing? What were you wearing? Who were you with? What made it so much fun? How does that moment fit in with your personal style?

Last week, I played two-on-two basketball with a group of friends. My best friend shot a couple three-pointers and I killed it at defense relative to my lack of experience playing basketball. I had on a dress which is not designed for sports and a pair of Nikes, as always. We initiated the shoot-out on a whim.

So, here are a few details I’ve gleaned from that memory: hiked up maxi, middle school blacktop, smack talk, unexpected victory, no judgement, my friends are good sports.  Now, I can use any one of those details to help me craft my next post. Do I know how I’m going to implement those details? I don’t. But I do know that the more specific you are with your content, the more inherently interesting it becomes. It can’t be overdone content, if it’s personal to me!

Don’t be a afraid to go niche.