By Samantha Lebbos

Growing up as a shy girl, country singer, Alexandria Corn never would have  guessed she’d be playing this year’s hottest music events, including Stagecoach 2017.

“My mom and dad always took me to concerts and musicals and music spoke to me in a way that nothing else could or did,” Alexandria says. “I always had the dream to be up on that stage, but I always felt I could never do it.”

Little did she know, as soon as she entered in her first talent show at age 13, she’d win. Thus began her journey as a singer.

Last year, she wrote and released her first single titled, “Say It Again” which was featured on VEVO and even made top 40 on Iceman Country Radio.

Living in a world filled with competition, Alexandria utilizes social media to grow her brand. With 10.6k followers on Instagram, the superstar shares her can’t-ignore tips for the ladies in the music industry. So, let’s start taking notes!

Social Media can either make or break you

Whatever you post on the Internet, stays on the Internet — even after you delete it. Use your social media to your best advantage and watch your brand grow.

“I use my social media mostly for promoting shows, releasing new music and uploading videos of what I’m currently working on. You want your fans to stay connected with you,” the singer says.

It’s all about being optimistic

Working in the music industry is tough. Between the social media criticism and shaping your brand the way you want it, the negativity can take a toll on you.

“Don’t take things personally. Turn the negatives into positives and learn from them,’ says Alexandra. “I’m constantly keeping up with my craft, whether it’s looking for new venues to play at, booking new shows, recording, writing, or working on promotions.”

It’s okay to be selfish

Have you ever heard of that advice? Well, Alexandria makes a great point! You have to use social media to benefit your brand and your career. Sometimes, you have to put yourself first.


Did you know, 85% of all jobs are filled through networking? What a crazy statistic! Put yourself out there and let your brand be heard.

“Create business cards and pass them out to everyone you meet. It will bring you a lot of experience. Don’t be scared to follow up with people too,” the singer points out.

Right now, Alexandria Corn is finishing up her EP, and preparing for upcoming shows. She’s about to release her latest single “Beach Town” which was written by herself, Brittany Knott, Taylor Nash and Curt Chambers.

It doesn’t stop there. The singer is getting ready to hit the road in June when she’ll open for Chris Janson in New York and  hit the stage during Country Fest in Wisconsin which features Blake Shelton, Thomas Rhett, and many other talented artists.

“These will be a couple of my first big shows and it’s going to be a busy summer, but this is what I’ve been working towards. It’s crazy to see your dreams finally fall into place.”

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