In honor of Mother’s Day, Muses is shouting-out to all of the hard-working mommy bloggers who have successfully managed to build a brand and develop an online voice while balancing work-life-work.

Whatever their reasons (creative outlet, place of empowerment and community inspiration), these bloggers are all creators with an uplifting presence that adds a little dose of positivity to our daily RSS and Instagram feeds.

Here’s a lovely reminder for all of us that we’re all here because we love what we do:


Erica Eckman is a “passionate foodie trying to inspire you to get in the kitchen or point you in the direction of Chicago’s best restaurants!” Find her latest work at

I got started with blogging after feeling the need to find a creative outlet for myself. I was working in real estate and really just not happy with my career. For me, writing and photographing all the food in this amazing city is what got me excited. It has since evolved into more of a lifestyle brand over time, but that’s how it all began!

I love what I do because it really allows me to create a life by design. I am living the life I’ve always wanted to; I get to be home with my daughter, travel for free, have access to incredible food and meet some of the most incredible women!


Claudia Sosa is a New York-based quality assurance engineer and style blogger whose latest looks and inspiration you can find at

I’ve had a career in technology for close to 10 years now and I’ve learned so much over the years across many different industries; but  I’ve also found that there aren’t many ways to express myself creatively while working in Quality Assurance.  I knew I had to find a way to fill my creative void and fashion had always been something I really enjoyed.

That’s when I launched , and started using it as my creative outlet. It’s the place where I have the opportunity to share my take on fashion and provide my readers with an authentic approach of styling a look for any given day!

I’ve met so many awesome and talented people along the way and it makes me so happy to be a part of the same world where we all speak the same language. We are all chasing our dreams and it’s the perfect chance to empower one another within our community.

I also enjoy that I get to play dress up for work. It gives me the opportunity to think outside the box, allowing my ideas come to fruition with the hopes of inspiring everyone.

I enjoy that my readers have supported me, and their loyalty and virtual love remind me to constantly keep evolving.

And of course, I’m lucky to have my family be my best support system. It’s great working with my boyfriend who is in charge of the photography that goes up on my site. Lastly, I love being my own boss and calling the shots. I have a vision and I fully understand what feels true to me and my brand and I wont allow anything  to compromise it.


Meghan Westbrook is a self-proclaimed, “proud mother to three, wifey to one, sharing my passion for fashion, DIY, and overall fun” on her beauty and lifestyle blog,

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I started my blog a couple years ago as purely a hobby and something fun to do. I’ve always been a lover of fashion, beauty, and style and often would help friends and loved ones with tips and tricks. I thought, why not put those skills to use and help anyone that my blog will reach?

I love to share pieces of my life whether it’s clothing, deals, how to put styles together, sharing great beauty products, and even my children. I hope that I inspire someone in some way so that they continue to be the best version of their self they can be!


Rosalynn Daniels is a “wife and mom who’s trying to figure ‘it’ out so that you don’t have to through  weekly recipe and DIY tutorials.”  You can find her latest work at

Entertaining is my middle name: whether it’s hosting various occasions or teaching the elements of the perfect party on camera. I was asked so frequently by friends and even complete strangers for pointers on how to make life events more grand and sophisticated, that I decided to share my knowledge with the world through my website!

I love what I do because I’m free to let my creativity run wild in through film, DIY tutorials, writing, recipes, etc. Every aspect of running my website allows me to put all of my passions to good use!

Jessica Litman of The Organized Mama

Jessica Litman is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers or NAPO, whose DIY craft tutorials and organization tips you can find on InstagramPinterest, and YouTube in addition the Organized Mamas. 

I was a special education teacher who decided to stay home once my son was born. We just bought a house and started to slowly do projects in the house, so I started writing and taking pictures of everything. All that turned into my friends asking for organizing tips, which led me to become a professional organizer and the blog followed.

I’ve always loved organizing, and to be able to help others create an organized home is so rewarding for me. I get to teach others how to organize, I get to create beautiful spaces, and I help empower my clients and readers with tools to stay organized!


Chelsea Day is one half of a “a twenty-something couple that tackles domestic life, including cooking, cleaning, parenting, organizing, money management and more” on

I started blogging when Nate and I settled down in San Diego after graduating from UCLA, where we met. I didn’t know many people in the city, so Someday I’ll Learn was my way of keeping in touch with loved ones and sharing my attempts to be domestic.

It eventually became a journal of our day-to-day experiences as we learned how to manage a young family with our own blend of humor and practicality. Four kids, one farm house, and many adventures later…it’s become quite the exciting endeavor!

Blogging is my full-time job. I love that it gives me the freedom to be creative and involve my friends and family and our unique talents. Best of all, it lets me manage my own time and live life on my terms.

We approach every client and every project with a fresh perspective, thinking up new and imaginative ways to highlight their story or their product in a way that resonates with our own personalities.