By Haley Stutzman

Finding the right companies to connect with is a daunting task at times in the ever-growing blogging world. And once you do, some companies will have long lists of expectations for you that seem impossible to meet.


If you break down what it takes to make a long-term relationship work, it’s goes much more smoothly and is all the more fun!

Here are my top 5 secrets:

Over Communicate

Don’t leave the person you’re working with hanging on a limb, waiting for you to respond to whether or not Friday works for a deadline or next Wednesday.

Keep in touch along the way and touch base if you have not heard from them in a little while!

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Asking questions is always better than to publish something that fails to meet their expectations. They’re excited to see what you are going to bring to the table, so keep them updated.

Always give recognition

Tag your sponsor on EVERY share to social media and add direct links on your blog. Legally, if you have been sponsored or given the products, you must give recognition to that in your social posts.

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We all like getting a tag notification, so wouldn’t your sponsor be excited to see what you have shared too?

More business TOGETHER

Think of bringing in more business, not just for you, but to your sponsor as well. We are in this tricky business together after all, so why not be supportive?

Also, don’t forget to give them some extra love on social media (it really does make their day)! We all have that one friend that is so positive and radiates goodness, right? Let’s all be that person and collaborate to spread that goodness together!

Be honest and personal

The better you know the person you are communicating with, the more honest you can be with each other on finite details; you also want to enjoy who you are working with!

If something feels off or doesn’t quite match up with your brand, bring attention to it so you can work it out without feeling squeamish about it.

Meet deadlines

This one is probably the most important because if you do not get the work done on time, this will leave your sponsor frustrated and thinking you do not appreciate the opportunity to work with them. This is your job, right?


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Be professional when working with others. Keeping them from worrying about whether or not you are going to get the job done gives them a sense of trust, strengthening your overall relationship.

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Haley Stutzman is the creator and voice of Haley’s Dailies fashion and lifestyle blog, striving to inspire readers to live daily beautiful lives.