If you’re a brand, influencer, or entrepreneur, the success of your business could, at one point, hinge on a successful Facebook Ad. These are often referred to as “paid media” or “paid marketing” and should be part of an overall social media marketing strategy.

The most effective and successful Facebook ad has five elements to convert at a reasonable rate each and every time. The rates will vary by time of day, month and year as well as by who you’re targeting and how YOUR audience responds to them.

How do you define a successful Facebook ad? 

The first element of any Facebook ad is a clear and concise objective.

Do you want more followers? Do you want more subscribers for your newsletter or podcast? App downloads? Sales of a product or service package?

Going through your overall goals for a Facebook ad before you begin is key so that you pick the right objective within the Facebook Ads Dashboard.

Who do you want to reach?

A well-defined target-audience is the second element of a successful Facebook ad.

When you connect with your community, do you have an idea of who you’re talking to? What they do? Why is YOUR brand attractive to them? Building out content personas is something that marketing agencies and brands have done for years and now influencers need to do the same to compete in today’s oversaturated marketplace.

Of course, amazing images and great photos work for the brands and influencers lucky enough to get in the game early but what if you’re just starting out? You need to be more strategic than ever when it comes to WHO you want to reach in order to create an ad that converts.

How much are you willing to spend?

I love when people say they had a million dollar launch. That’s great and amazing, but what’s the story BEHIND the headline? How MUCH did you spend on your successful Facebook ad? What was the cost per conversion? What was the budget you allocated to affiliates?

There are many, many elements of a reasonable Facebook Ad Budget in terms of dollars and cents AND in terms of time spent managing and promoting these ads. My general recommendation is to run an ad for 10-14 days and monitor it after the first 72-hours. That gives you some data to work with and the opportunity to decide where or not to dial it up, or down.

Create copy that converts

You all know that feeling: your phone is literally blowing up from the best photo plus copy plus timing combination ever. Copy in Facebook ads must be on point each and every time.

Depending on your audience, objective and overall goals, the copy should remain within 200-300 characters and you should always test at least two versions of copy and two versions of images.

This way, you can understand the winning combination. See a trend here? That’s because DATA is the number one component of a successful Facebook ad strategy: the more you glean from smaller tests, the better your larger campaign.

Use images that W O W

Images should be as well defined as your content personas. A photo IS worth a thousand words, especially in the fast-paced world of social media. You need an image that will stop your target audience in their tracks. Test and repeat as often as possible to make sure you’re using the best images you have to convert your followers to customers, clients AND bring new followers into your community.

That’s really all it takes to create a Facebook ad that works for your business. I often advise my clients (entrepreneurs, brands and influencers) to “Guess, Test and Review” post times and cadence (how many times per day to post) before beginning a Facebook Ad Strategy.

Remember, at the end of the day, followers are just clients you haven’t signed yet.  Creating an authentic, organic presence is key to determining that ideal client and audience AND how well you can convert for the brands you represent.

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