BeautyCon is less than a month away—but if you’re anything like us, you’ve been prepared for a while.

Here’s a little shout-out to those beauty brands with healthy online engagement, great referral and affiliate programs for their loyal fans, and of course excellent influencer campaign skills who we hope to see at this year’s BeautyCon.

Gold Label Cosmetics

Its $14 lipsticks come in beautifully shiny gold cases with names like 1978, Dark Children, Evil Twin, and First Class. Says Refinery29:

“We challenge you to find a line of lipsticks that are as richly pigmented and nourishing as these — while also being cruelty, paraben, and gluten-free. Our personal favorite is Dark Children, a berry-black, which brings back fond memories of the ladies in The Craft. You can bet it will be in heavy rotation as soon as the leaves start changing colors.”


Not only is makeup artist Kristen Brown’s vegan line, Gold Label Cosmetics making waves among beauty writers but it’s one of those brands embracing influencers of all shades and sizes. Seriously, Gold Label is shorthand for “looks great with every skin tone,” which is exactly what founder, Kristen first set out to achieve.

All you have to do to join their affiliate program is to is visit Gold Label Cosmetics where, in exchange for sharing our your 15% code, you’ll receive a ten-percent commission paid monthly.

Context Skin

Vitamin-enriched skincare products made from herbal extracts and natural botanical oil, sounds lovely but it also looks great on your nails. Bibi Deitz for Stylecaster recently reported Dusty Pink as Khloe Kardashian’s favorite nail polish color (or, could be. She loves pink).

It’s no far stretch of the imagination. Context has perfected chic minimalism. As Into the Gloss perfectly sums up the popular Estranged lacquer:

“Sparkle-free, grey nail polish is hard to find. For one, it’s often sparkly. And secondly, sometimes it gets so dark, it’s basically black. At that point, may as well just wear black. But Context has the perfect slate grey in its repertoire—it’s “middle of the road” in the best way possible. Not too blue, not too green, not too blah.”

Context is put-together and so is its brand ambassadors. Check out #contextskin on Instagram to see the beauty all of its happy customers are sharing.

Cargo Cosmetics

You may have heard of Cargo Cosmetics’ latest partnership. This spring the brand has teamed up with singer-songwriter and Hawaiian darling, Anuhea Jenkins to promote a limited edition 12 color eyeshadow palette called: You Had Me at Aloha.

Said Brian Robinson, President of Cargo Cosmetics in a press release:

“Anuhea epitomizes the modern ‘Cargo woman’ and embodies the spirit of Hawaii making her an ideal choice for this collaboration. We are confident that this partnership will raise the brand’s profile with strong, beautiful, influential women like Anuhea, while also introducing Cargo to new consumers.”

A post shared by Anuhea (@anuheajams) on

It’s worked so far. Currently the line is out of stock on Cargo. Ah, the power of influencers.

The Beauty Crop

“Inspired by the healthy recipes we cook in the kitchen, we are passionate about creating colourful, fun and uber-hydrating cosmetics that include nutrition-rich superfood ingredients that promote health and wellbeing.” the Beauty Crop is a delicious new beauty line that offers the occasional  20% OFF to customers who submit genuine product reviews.

One of many promotions you’ll find on Instagram, there’s more where that came from.

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