Instagram takeover — It sounds aggressive but in truth are a fun and simple way to get your brand in front of an unique audience. All you have to do is choose a partner (be it friend or employee or customer) and let them take the reigns of your brand’s content for the week or day or hour.

The end result is a commonly a boost in engagement and followers which translates online into increased brand awareness. Again, the steps you need to cover for successful Instagram takeover are simple.

Choose your Instagram takeover goal

There is more than one way to execute a successful Instagram takeover but that doesn’t mean you should close your eyes and pick one at random. The route you choose should directly reflect your goals.

Are you promoting an event or a special flash sale? Would you like to gain brand awareness by exposing your brand to a whole new audience? Are you looking to improve engagement?  As soon as you answer that question for yourself, you’re ready for step two.

Determine the right Instagram takeover partner

Your end goal is cross-pollinate audiences by choosing an online account similar to your own or one with which you share something in common. That singular commonality could be as small but mighty as the employee you’ve asked to takeover the company account for the day.

One person in common is often all it takes to gain someone else’s interest in your brand.

While employees and customers are great for driving engagement, influencers are particularly good at driving brand awareness and engagement. When you deploy an influencer to conduct your takeover, the result is mutually beneficial. The influencer gains exposure to a new audience and your account is gifted with beautifully fitting content created on your behalf.  Influencers are by profession, content creators. They’ll certainly do your feed justice with a practiced hand.

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Employees and customers offer a different function: success stories and behind-the-scenes peeks at your brand. For promotional purposes, you’re best off going the influencer route.

Outline your Instagram takeover game plan

You need to plan out all the details. Aside from your guest determine the timeframe of the takeover. Are they posting once a day for three days? Are they posting once? What type of format: video, story, or still image?

Have they agreed to hype or promote their takeover prior to the day. You should specify whether or not you want your guest to post at least once to their own account prior to their takeover of yours.

You’ll also want to determine whether or not you’d like to make a new temporary password for your guest or request that your guest send you all of their content beforehand. Do you have a pre-approval process in place?

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One more detail you may want to consult your influencer on is the hashtag you create to track the takeover. An influencer will have their own insights on best-practice hashtags for your industry. Remember: they are Instagram experts.

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