Arita Kastrati is a lifelong YouTube fan and creator of Twenty Three Things, an upcoming-channel dedicated to daily fashion discoveries and beauty and lifestyle hacks.

Today, she spoke to us about her inspirations and love of watching other YouTubers grow with a handful of energetic tutorials thrown into the mix.

It’s time to get to know our latest #MusesCrush:

What got you into YouTube?

I remember stumbling across Youtube what feels like ages ago. I can’t think of a time without Youtube! The first ever youtube video I watched was by Blair Fowler (pictured below). She was one of the first original “beauty guru’s” as they were called back then!

I remember watching her videos and being so intrigued and not knowing why I was so intrigued. Ever since then I’ve been hooked. It took a lot of courage for me to film my first video. I was at university and the time and was super shy! But I just decided to go for it.

You’re getting ready to go out. What’s on your playlist?

Recently I think Bruno Mars has been killing it! I saw him perform live at the BRITs and I fell in love with him. So definitely some new Bruno Mars.

What methods have you used to grow your brand online, gain subscribers, or increase your views?

I think consistency is the main and most important thing to be completely honest. I know sometimes it’s hard to stick to a schedule because of work or life in general but if you can upload to a schedule then all your viewers know when to expect a video and I think people love that consistency.

As soon as I started sticking to a schedule I saw such a big change in my channel with views and building a relationship with the viewer in general.

Any tips on production?

I try and keep things fairly simple. I use natural lighting. I think as long as you have a decent camera, you can get away with using natural lighting.

It’s a bit tricky when the sun decides to come in and out and ruin your video randomly, but other than that it’s completely fine!

What’s your next step?

Recently, I’ve decided to put more focus into Youtube and see where it goes.

I’m dedicating much more of my time to uploading better content and more frequently. I would love for it to branch out into fashion or beauty brand opportunities.

Tell us something that you’re proud of!

I’m very proud of how far my channel has come and the relationship I have with my viewers. They’re all so lovely and when you see the same faces comment and interact, it makes it so enjoyable.

Favorite channels you subscribe to or YouTube influencers you admire?

There are so many, it’s so hard to choose! I love discovering new or small Youtubers and seeing them grow. Two which I admire a lot are Lydia Elise Millen (again, below) and Amelia Liana.

I remember being subscribed to both of them when they had such small audiences and being so in love with their videos. I would get excited when they’d post. And I still do!

Arita certainly has the right attitude. Support is on the fastest ways to grow a YouTube channel, if you’re serious about subscriptions. Like, comment, and subscribe. When you embrace other people’s stories — they’ll embrace yours!

Friends who grow together, stay together after all.