Welcome to 2017: where living in the digital world is more popular than ever. From social networking, to perfecting your public persona, it’s no surprise that every post counts when it comes to your brand.

Did you know that there are over 3.2 billion Internet users and counting? Imagine how many people post without thinking twice only to realize they have risked both their private and public persona.

For those of us who live off of blogging, posting on Instagram and social networking, you know the importance of building and maintaining a good reputation online. It’s difficult to keep your public persona professional when you are willing to share so much with those who follow your every move.

Learning how to manage your professional and personal online life is a struggle most social media users come in contact with—so here’s our advice.

Keep your personal brand cohesive across platforms. Be true to yourself while exercising a high degree of professionalism. Your social media persona is your public persona.

“Gen-Y needs to be aware that what they publish online can come back to haunt them in the workplace.” notes Dan Schawbel, Founder of Millennial Branding —especially if you hope to make your place of work an online media outlet.  “Gen-Y managers and co-workers have insight into their social lives, which could create an awkward workplace setting or even result in a termination.”

When we say everyone, we mean it! Remember, everything you post online is open to anyone who stumbles upon your social network. Just because there is an option to delete a post, you must keep in mind that it’s never truly removed for good. You may be quick at deleting personal opinions that may have backfired, but there are plenty of Internet users who are even faster at taking screenshots and sharing your mishap for the world to see.

Your brand is front and center for thousands of eyes to see. Think before you post and save your best self for the internet. You’ll thank yourself for it.

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