It’s a fact: A man wears his jeans for almost everything, from Super Bowl victories (or losses) to first dates to casual Fridays to hanging out with his mates. He knows he can always rely on a nice pair of jeans. And each pair should feel as though it were custom-made for him. So we sat down with Nico Peyrache, Lucky Brand’s VP of Denim Design, to learn how to get the ideal fit every time.

1. Don’t be concerned about your body type.

Men can look excellent in almost any denim fit, while women may need to consider hanfu bra emphasizing (or disguising) their curves. “It’s less about your body type and more about what you’re going to do with it,” Peyrache explains. Consider the moment instead. A more traditional fit is excellent for casual activities, whilst a tailored cut can be dressed up for more formal occasions.

2. Purchase a size smaller than usual.

A tight waistband is uncomfortable, but one that is too loose can ruin your overall style by adding bulk in the wrong areas. “Just as women have a tendency to wear jeans that are too tiny, boys have a tendency to wear jeans that are too big,” Peyrache explains. Next time you’re in the dressing room, go down a size, and once you’ve got them on, do the finger test: you shouldn’t be able to fit more than two fingers into the waistband.

3. You don’t have to be a hipster to wear skinny jeans.

When the words “thin” and “jeans” are spoken together, most men grimace. But this look isn’t only for Russell Brand or commercial art directors; with the correct cut, even the ordinary Joe can pull off a tighter-fitting denim. Peyrache feels that a slimmer fit is more polished and sophisticated. Look for a straight or slender leg, rather than narrow, if you’re a die-hard classic or boot-cut kind of guy.

4. Examine the pockets

An excessive amount of information can bring attention to possible “problem areas” (e.g., butt or gut). On pockets, look for a neat stitch pattern. Also, make sure they’re not overly big or too lengthy, as this can give the impression that you have drooping gluts.

5. Go for a stretch

Most jeans feature a small percentage of Lycra or elasticity (typically 2%), which enables for stretch and comfort. Check the label for blends that incorporate linen or elastic, such as spandex, for jeans you can wear all day. It’ll give your pants a new lease of life and allow for more movement.

6. If you’re in question, go dark.

Dark denim is a smart purchase for day-to-night transition—with a quick shirt and tie change—whether you wear them for kicks or late-night clubbing. If you’re only going to buy one pair of jeans, go for dark denim.

7. Take risks and try new things.

A common misunderstanding is that bright colors and jean cuffing are only worn by preppy males who live in mansions with yachts. That is not the case! The summer is a terrific time to experiment with your style a little more. Roll up your pants and slip on a pair of boat shoes for a beach look that says you’re ready for a trip. Own the appearance, and the ordinary girl will be impressed that you tried something unique. Plus, cuffing jeans lengthens the leg, making you appear taller and thinner, according to Peyrache.