Once you sign into Muses, you will see a home feed of other members joining the app in real-time. Muses members are entrepreneurs, brands, business owners, and creators. Scroll and you will also find collabs created in real-time. ✌️


Let the 💎 tab guide you to find collabs to join! There are three types of collabs: Paid, Offers, and Groups. Exchange skills and ideas in group chat or one-on-one messages.


Once you’ve found the collab you’d like to join, tap the “JOIN” button. This will send a request to the admin of the collab. Once you are accepted, you will be able to participate in the collab group chat and receive further collab details. 👍

DMs and ❤️s

See something you want to collab with? Send them a DM! Want to hire them? Make them an offer directly in the DM! Muses takes Stripe payments in-app to ensure safety of all financial transactions. See someone you like but not ready to collab with them yet? Favorite their profile by tapping on the ❤️ on their profile so you keep them in mind!

Congrats! Now you know the basics!

Let’s get started!