Great Tips and Tricks For Dislyte Game

Dislyte is an anime-style squad battle RPG. The game, which is characterized as a “urban mythology RPG,” takes place in a dark futuristic atmosphere in which players assemble a team of fighters (known as “espers”) and engage in combat. There are a variety of different battle types, as well as PVP and guilds (called ‘clubs’) – and even a Guitar Hero-style DJ contest – in addition to the main plot objective.

The turn-based combat are, however, the principal activity on more about heroes in Dislyte. Initially, you assemble a team of five espers. But there will soon be a plethora to pick from, as well as a plethora of ways to upgrade them and the relics they can use to enhance their abilities. Ten beginner’s tips and tricks are included here to help you get through the early levels.

A number of menu selections will be highlighted with a red dot, especially early on. This indicates that you can claim something, such as a new item or a quest challenge. Allow these training courses and missions to lead you through the game’s early stages. They frequently provide good prizes and gradually educate you the game’s subtleties.

But don’t get too comfortable. A red dot on a menu will not appear for everything. For example, to see certain possible possibilities, you may need to go into your espers list and click on the ‘Advancement’ page. So go digging in there on a regular basis.

Improving Relics

It’s advisable not to upgrade 2* and 3* relics unless a course requires it. Before you reach level 20, you’ll have a lot of 4* relics. Around level 35, there are also 5* relics. A basic 2* relic costs 500, whereas one that has been advanced to +1 costs 518 – but enhancing it costs 270. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll get any form of return on your investment.

Early on, though, relics from the 2-set (rather than the 4-set) are more difficult to come by, making them more likely to be beneficial to upgrade. However, make sure to improve those stronger relics as soon as possible. They can make a big impact in your numbers, especially if you gather them together of the same type to get the extra bonus.

Time-limited Items in the Inventory

Some of the benefits you receive are only available for a limited period. You’ll lose them if you don’t utilize them within a few days. Keep a look out for things with a small clock icon in your inventory. When you click on them, they will tell you when you must utilize them by.

Your Team Should Be Balanced

Balance is rewarded in team-based games, and Dislyte is no exception. To balance out your DPS espers, you’ll need at least two support espers (healers and buffers), as well as a mix of area effect and single strikes. Even better if you can throw in a jack-of-all-trades esper to round it out.

Also, keep an eye out for espers who start out strong. The majority of your warriors will be 3*. All of them can eventually be upgraded to 6*. However, you’ll receive Mona (a good DPS who starts as a 4*) and a guaranteed 6* legend as one of your first 10 esper picks early on. These are excellent early picks for assembling your basic squad.

It’s Crucial to Move Quickly

Your espers will attack in order of their speed. So, take a look at their abilities and see how they can assist one another. Brynn, for example, offers all allies the ‘ATK Up’ benefit. As a result, if she attacks first, everyone else’s first attacks will be enhanced, which is ideal for an initial assault.

While it may be preferable to utilize an esper that benefits from finishing moves after your area effect espers have crippled your opponents, you can control each hero’s speed using relics. So keep an eye out for those that have speed boosts and make good use of them.

Bonus for Captain

The term ‘captain’ is written above the far-left squad spot. Some espers have a ‘captain ability,’ such as Li Ling and Mona. They can be found under the ‘abilities’ tab on the ‘espers’ page. If you equip one of these espers in the captain position, it will assist your entire team. They can be quite powerful, contributing 20-30% to attack, crit rates, or resistance.

However, some only influence one type of battle, so be cautious. Bardon’s DEF boost, for example, only applies in Point War fights.

When switching battlefields, double-check your squad.

You’ve perfected your squad and completed a few missions before deciding to take on a challenge. But, before you begin, double-check your team. The game doesn’t remember your most recent squad, but it does remember the most recent one you used in a certain part of the game. If you haven’t done anything in a long time, or if you haven’t done anything at all, your squad may comprise weak espers that you don’t utilize or haven’t updated. Or, even worse, a haphazard pick.

Examine the Wave Count

When a combat starts, keep track of how many ‘waves’ of adversaries there are. Once the conflict begins, it is written at the top of the screen. Your most powerful attacks will always have round-timers, so if the battle is only two waves, you may wish to keep them back. If it has three, though, you should have enough time to recover and re-use those huge assaults before wave three. Furthermore, trials like Ritual and Sonic Miracles frequently end with a single enemy, so there’s no need to hold back those area effect attacks.

Attacking at the Right Time

If you only have a few weak adversaries left after employing your strong attacks during early battle waves, consider using weak attacks or buffs to prolong the battle. This will give your powerful attacks, heals, and buffs more time to reset before the following wave arrives.


If you’re not going to play for a while – perhaps you’re going to work or to bed – don’t let your energy go to waste. Remember that you can set up multi-battles to happen automatically while you’re playing another game mode. You’ll still receive benefits, so why not put that energy to good use? By the time you log back in, it will have been refilled.

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