+ What is Muses?

Muses is a mobile app in which social media influencers, brands, and businesses of all sizes find one another, connect, pool their social audiences, and embark on incredible growth campaigns.

Why “Muses”? We believe that everyone is a Muse to someone—a creator who embodies a brand, the face of a business, an everyday customer.

Hence: Muses.

+ Is Muses an influencer agency?

We are not an agency. Muses is an app — with which you can create group-based social media campaigns.

If you’re looking for guidance in developing a campaign within the app or looking to execute a larger scale campaign, please email us at business@musesapp.co.

+ Who uses Muses?

Anyone with an online audience looking to improve engagement, drive sales, cross-promote and pool audiences can use the Muses app.

Influencers, bloggers, brands, marketing professionals, tastemakers and business owners of all sizes comprise our most active users.

+ How do I know if I’m an influencer?

Muses considers anyone with a public profile looking to grow their social audience to be an influencer.

Whether you have 300 or 3 million followers on social media, influencers offer businesses access to consumers-most-likely to make a purchase, share a post, or pass on the recommendation.

Influencers are audience experts. They have intentionally built a loyal social following and are committed to regularly delivering that consumer base with informative and entertaining content.

+ How do you ensure the quality of the community?

Muses is home to friends and friends-of-friends.

Our Community Managers are committed to ensuring the Muses app community is safe, thriving, and fun at all times. We personally validate our highest quality users with a diamond badge which you can find on their Profile.

Our member-to-member star-ratings and reviews help you vet the quality of each member you engage with within the app.

Our team is easy to reach so let us know if you have a suggestion or concern: contact@musesapp.co.


+ Do I have to apply?

No application necessary! Muses is all-inclusive. Download the app, connect your social accounts, fill in your profile and start making connections.

You can even invite your friends to join the app from the Settings tab.

+ Great! How do I join?

It’s very simple. Download the app from the iTunes app store, connect your social accounts, fill in your profile with your background or brief overview of your brand or business, and start making connections!

+ What does a membership get me?

Everyone starts off with a free 5-day trial of our Basic membership, after which you’re given the option to upgrade.

Our Basic membership allows you to create and/or join up to 3 new groups every month for $9.99/mo.

Our Premium membership unlocks one-on-one partnerships and the ability to join and create unlimited groups for $19.99/mo

+ How can I upgrade or cancel my plan?

Suscriptions and Cancellations all take place through your Apple iTunes account. Tap the Settings icon (the gear in the upper right hand corner) and find the Manage Subscriptions tab to Upgrade, Change or Cancel your plan. Let us know if you need help with this.

Using the App

+ I created an account. Now what?

When you open the app, Muses will give you 6 campaign options. We refer to these as your collab sets.

Select your collaboration method of choice and either join or create a group based on your objective.

As the creator or ‘admin’ of a group, set a limit to the number of members you’d like to have within your group, invite anyone you like, and accept and decline join requests as you see fit.

If you’ve requested to join a group, you’ll soon receive a notification as to whether you were accepted or respectfully declined by the admin.

That’s how it works! Within those groups it’s up to you to make magic happen.

+ Why groups?

The quickest way to expand your reach online is to make connections. Why make connections one at a time?

Groups enable you to jumpstart your reach, encourage continued social media engagement, and provide for idea generation in ways which binary pairings simply can’t!

Furthermore, for a beginner to the scene, groups are the best place to start. They’re less intimidating and allow for observation before diving in.

+ What’s the difference between an interest group and a collaboration group?

It’s all about expectations and results.

Interests groups aren’t campaign-based. They act as a resource for anyone to pool their resources or perpetuate a discussion. For example, if you’re a fitness instructor, you may want to start an interest group for members to share their training tips!

Collaboration groups are goal-oriented. When you create or join a collaboration group, you’ve got a timely plan you’d like to execute and specific results you’d like to track.

+ What if I don’t want to work in a group?

If you’d like to work one-on-one with an individual or business, that’s possible, too! Browse members and send a 1:1 partnership request directly from any profile (note: you’ll need to be on a Premium account to unlock this feature).

+ Can I message someone if they’re not in any of my groups?

You can only message the members in your group. If you’d like to correspond directly with an individual, you must do so within a 1:1 partnership.

+ Which type of collab set should I use?

For promoting specific products and services, try Giveaways and Post Exchange groups. For growing your social media audience and driving web traffic, try In-Person Collabs, Features, and Guest Bloggers. For increasing engagements, try Engagement Groups.

Choose one or more that best suit your needs. Need help? Send us a note!


+ Help! I need help.

If you ever encounter a technical issue with the Muses app, please email contact@musesapp.co.

For general questions, suggestions, or if an issue arises with another member in the app, you can reach our Community Manager, Maggie at maggie@musesapp.co. She’s always happy to help!

+ How do I edit my profile or adjust my settings?

Open your settings from the gear icon on the top right of your profile. Access your profile through the Me tab on the bottom navigation.

+ Where can I find your terms and conditions?

Great question. This link will bring you to everything you’re signing onto when you use the Muses app! (It’s nothing scary, promise.)

+ Where do I see my notifications?

Click the red bell icon located at the top right corner of your home screen. You’ll see two columns: Requests (which you can accept or decline) and message Notifications.

Looking to adjust your notification type? No problem. In your settings, you’ll find the Push Notifications tab where you can opt in and out of receiving notifications for different types of scenarios.

+ How else can I get involved with this amazing community?

Submit to join a campaign or get featured by Muses directly from our website or within the Settings tab of the app!

+ This app is amazing!

That’s not a question, but thanks! Feel free to get the word out by leaving us a kind review in the app store and sharing with your friends! And tag @muses on your posts 🙂 After all, friends who grow together, stay together.