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Algorithms will change, platforms will come and go

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Muses is the fastest way to find the most people to promote for you

Discover community groups organized around common interests and industries.

Collaborate directly through private and group messages.

Organize social growth campaigns with local companies and creatives.

Muses is a wonderful platform where people are coming together to help each other drive social commerce.

Kayte Malik, Founder of Dresscode Tech

Members can join, exchange ideas, and promote brand awareness in exchange for features! It’s also a great way for new influencers to get advice from veterans.

Kaitlin Krause, Influencer

Our email-newsletter list has been building up very quickly. We are so delighted by the engagement and growth from our Muses group!

Eliza Gwendalyn, Co-founder of Amor Social Media

I absolutely love Muses and its concept of bringing bloggers and influencers together to network.

Kristen Jauregui, Influencer

Relationships at Scale

Whether you’re the blogger who runs an Etsy shop, the freelance marketer with a personal brand, the new business, or social media celebrity, Muses will help you grow.

relationships at scale