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Muses is a wonderful platform where people are coming together to help each other drive social commerce.

Kayte Malik, Founder of Dresscode Tech

A must-have for any online business!

Jennifer Moore, Online Jewelry Shop Owner

Our email-newsletter list has been building up very quickly. We are so delighted by the engagement and growth from our Muses group!

Eliza Gwendalyn, Co-founder of Amor Social Media

I absolutely love Muses and its ability to bring creative talent and entrepreneurs together!

Kristen Jauregui, Influencer

Who is on Muses?

Tamara Putri, Photographer and Graphic Designer
Jordan Buckner, Owner, TeaSquares
Alyssa Bove, Owner of TrendingAbove Jewelry
Kaylee Johnson, Owner of Kaylee Julianna Photography
Amisha Mulji, Founder of Mulji Creative
Zohan Khan, Web Developer & Designer

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